Broken Train

Been a long day. I’m tired, Bill is exhausted. Last night was mellow, just chilled. Watched Pushing Daisies which was pretty good. If you like Ugly Betty, or even the Gilmore Girls, you would probably like Pushing Daisies. It’s witty, it’s macabre and it’s very sweet, which in my book is a pretty good combination. And they have good Broadway performers on, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Greene, Kristin Chenowith and last night featured, Raul Esparza who was just on Broadway in the revival of Company which brother Frank had planned on seeing but since it didn’t win it’s deserved Tony award, it closed soon after that. Then brother Frank had his stroke so that would have been a problem even if the show was still running.

Bill went to bed after Pushing Daisies and I forget what I watched. Surfed the net I’m sure. Didn’t chat with anyone since there was no one to chat with. Soon, I too was horizontal, waking up hours later will Bill once again kissing me good bye. Got up did my thing, and I was on the bus in no time. Got to the office after getting an egg sandwich from West Indian Tony who always asks about Bill. Last time I told him that Bill was taking care of his parents so now West Indian Tony asks about Bill’s parents. I got to the office where there was a message on my voice mail from Bill.

Apparently his father had another seizure last night, and they moved him to the hospital. Fortunately it was St. Vincent’s Hospital so that was good. What was even better if that could be said when both parents are in the same hospital was the fact that both Bill’s mother and father were on the same floor. Bill called me later on in the day about wanting to talk to me about something regarding the apartment. He wanted to talk to me face to face so I made arrangements to leave the office early. It was busy but Tom Chin was ok with it. I finished my work anyhow and left an hour earlier, which was an hour later than I originally planned. No feeling like an idiot like I had the past few days, but that didn’t matter since I was worried about Bill and his parents.

I made it down to the hospital, a bit sweaty since at some point the temperature went into the 50’s. Bill met me in the lobby and we sat and talked. He mentioned that he would be more than likely spending more time at his parents apartment when they get discharged, and how if and when they pass away, the two bedroom apartment in Stuyvesant Town would be in his name and would I be interested in living there since years ago I mentioned I wanted to live in Manhattan. Yes I did say that at one point, but it was in the context of owning a townhouse in the Village, like maybe 10th street between 5th and University. Quite nice and quiet and very expensive so that would have to happen after I win the lottery.

But I am not so keen on living in Manhattan anymore, at least sometimes. Maybe if I was out and didn’t want to wait for the Path train or pay for a cabbage back to Hoboken I would like an apartment in the city. But do I want to? I don’t know. It would be a sacrifice I might be willing to make though. Even Alfred Stieglitz moved from Hoboken, as well as Stephen Foster, and some guy named Francis, and Steve Fallon too. Two hours ago, I was hesitant now I’m reasonably willing. Ask me again in an hour or so.

Oh yeah, here’s some pics.



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