Daily Archives: November 19, 2007

Holiday in Disneyland

Well yesterday was cold and windy. Last night it was cold and rainy. Watched the Simpsons which was really funny. As Harpy wrote, ‘Props to Alan Moore’, not to mention Art Spiegelman and Daniel Clowes. Seeing Spiegelman wearing a Maus mask and kicking the ass of comic book guy was priceless. I hope Rand watched it. King of the Hill so overlooked was also pretty funny. I was waiting for Dexter mainly, and I think last night was the season finale. It was definitely an edge of the seat episode. Dexter finally figured out how crazy Lila really is.

Bill came home midway through, after church, after checking in on his mother, and after putting in some time at work. Poor thing was exhausted and went to sleep soon after. It’s amazing, as soon as his head hits the pillow he’s out cold. Sometimes I wish I could do that. No, scratch that, not sometimes. I wish I could do that all the time. That and world peace. Two things I wish for. And now that I’ve said the wishes out loud they will never come true. Sorry everyone. Somethings I should keep to myself I guess.

I fell asleep soon enough. Felt really good. Good enough that I did not want to wake up to the sound of pouring rain outside. But I really had no choice in the matter. Looking at two and a half days of work this week, so it shouldn’t be so bad but getting motivated this morning was difficult. I did get moving, showered, shaved and ate breakfast and grimaced when I hit the street. Rain and clumps of snow falling. It was a mess but at least I was dressed for it. And I think I looked smashing. Not bangin’, but smashing.

Got to work on time, once again the first one in. That’s how I like it. People came in, in the usual drips and drabs. I was busy enough this morning. Planning an errand to Chinatown. That was arranged last week when the weather was bearable, today it was a mess. In the middle of all that I was doing, I get a phone call from Bill. His mother collapsed in the bathroom and he was running down to the apartment to get her to St. Vincent’s hospital. It turned out she fainted, and vomited a bit and now she’s under observation once again. Not easy being 84 years old.

Chinatown was a mess. So many tourists around, not just there, but everywhere in Manhattan. Europeans shopping shopping shopping. The Euro and the pound are two times stronger than the US dollar thanks to the resident fuckwad on Pennsylvania Avenue. Tax cuts for the rich! Trillions of dollars spent on an illegal war. The economy is a mess. Even Greg Stevens mentioned how badly his portfolio is doing. That is when he’s able to log onto the website. Usually I hear him call my name and I come running, sitting behind his desk and I fiddle about with his computer, eventually getting what he needs to get.

I also had to find a restaurant for our holiday luncheon on December 19. Found one, that was owned by Placido Domingo, right around the corner from the office. Everyone goes to lunch, then goes home. Greg realized what a bad idea it would be for people to go to work after a little soirée like that.

Now Bill’s home and I gave him a great big hug and a kiss and I’m even cooking his food. Less of a mess to clean up, you know….