Daily Archives: November 18, 2007

(Lay Your Head On My) Pillow

It feels like winter. It’s cold and a little bit of sleeting going on. Well at least it was going on when I went out a few hours ago. Wandered around Hoboken under gray skies. Typical November Sunday afternoon. Ran into Julio this morning as I went out to pick up some of Harpy’s least favorite food. He was running out for Stine, who being pregnant had a hankering for a sausage and egg sandwich that she just saw on a commercial for Dunkin Donuts and Julio being her husband and the father of her child had to get it together and feed his woman. He asked and I told him all about last night, who was there, who asked for him, stuff like that.

It was fun to see Andrea Harbison. She’s great and still as sexy as ever, even after three kids, four if you count Scott her ex husband. She has the patience of a saint though, that’s for sure. Scott is/was definitely a handful. Nice guy, but one or two beers and it’s so long Scott, hello misadventure. She put up with it for as long as she could and I along with other people were happy for her when she put her foot down and walked out the door. It had been a long time coming.

Steve Fallon’s partner was there as well, Arnold LaSpina. He’s a cutie and it’s heartwarming to see both him and Steve still together, to the point now where if you see one of the two, you have to ask where the other one is. I remember one time years ago, living in Weehawken, I was going to meet Bill at the Lure in the meatpacking district for a suit and tie party, sponsored by Foot Friends, a foot fetish group. Annemarie was in town and drove my well suited ass to the Path train. I got in a car, one other guy in the car with me.

I didn’t pay him much attention nor did he pay attention to me. He got off at 9th Street, I rode to 14th Street. I get to the club and there is Arnold. It was him who was in the Path car with me. He didn’t recognize me in my suit and tie, and I didn’t recognize him since he moved away from Hoboken a few years before. He found out about my suit fetish and I found out about his foot fetish.
I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to Arnold last night, but Chaz got his email which I could get from him later this week.

Another friend at McSwells last night was Ally. Ally is a real sweetheart, living in Hoboken. I run into him around public transportation. Either by a bus stop, or on a bus or by the Path train. He’s a good friend of Steve and Arnold and goes to visit them fairly often. I usually hear about the latest endeavors from Ally. And it’s always a treat to see him.

Brother Frank called this afternoon. He was sorry he couldn’t make it but it would have been a pain in the ass for him to come down, and then there were a lot of people there he’d have to talk to which would make anyone exhausted and he’d definitely stress out trying to find parking which is oh so rare in Hoboken this time of year.