Daily Archives: November 15, 2007

Bye and Bye

Thursday. Not bad at all really. It’s been another cold and rainy day, but now it has stopped raining and it’s just cold. Last night was TV night. Bill came home as I was watching Pushing Daisies. I do like the show. It just seems so cute and Jim Dale’s narration is spot on. I can even abide seeing Chi McBride on the screen. It’s not that I dislike him, I am always reminded of his first TV show, The Secret Diaries of Desmond Pfieffer. In that he played Abraham Lincoln’s butler. It lasted four episodes and I never saw any of them, but that’s what sticks in my mind. It was universally panned.

After that Bill and I watched the absolute final episode of The War. This one had some amazingly terrible footage. The European theater on both the eastern and western front, as well as Okinawa with kamikaze pilots flying their planes into whatever ships they could find. Some soldiers had cameras and shot some scenes never seen before. And the soldiers that lived to tell their tales, admitted the difficulty they had adjusting to life when they came home, after seeing what they saw in war, including killing other soldiers. How can you actually adjust to that? By moving to the suburbs I suppose and joining various VFW’s and American Legions. At least that’s what my father did. Still it would have been nice to find out what he went through during the war. Anyone have a Ouija board handy?

Of course, they finished after dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, changing the world forever. Yeah, the human race signed it’s death warrant on those days in August 1945. I’m sure if the United States didn’t drop the bomb, the Soviet Union would have eventually. Such were the times. Now a handful of countries have the bomb, and a few smaller nations are angling for their shot at annihilation. And for what, really? I have no clue. Seeing footage of the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, how can any sane person decide to pursue such an insane course of action? It didn’t make for an easy night of sleep.

This morning Bill was running around the apartment, and since I slept uneasily I got up a little bit earlier than usual. Didn’t hit the snooze button, so I was fresh a full ten minutes sooner. Headed out into the damp, read the New Yorker, about Steve Coogan which was entertaining. Walked across town to the office where to my surprise Greg Stevens was in before me. He got back from Arizona last night. He also had a conference call scheduled for this afternoon which I had been preparing for all week. Last time Greg had a meeting I messed up the conference call so I made sure it wouldn’t happen again, not on my watch.

Clients in the office and I had to arrange the catering which was easy since Mary Tully, the pregnant Uma Thurman lookalike was helping me out with that. She’s nice, but not too much on the ball. She blames hormones and I believe her. Her temp position ends December 14 and I don’t mind carrying most of the workload. I was grateful that I was busy. It made the day go faster and didn’t give me a chance to suffer my self doubt. And I’m finally used to the new glasses.

Alberto Gonzales has set up a legal defense fund.