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Afternoon FB chat with Hernan

Hernan S posted on 6.7.2020
If Lenin-Marx Communism is a classless ideology then why is there billionaires in China and Russia?

For some reason I was compelled to answer which started a chat that went on for hours. I followed a post and wound up chatting with Hernan S from Hawaii. It meanders. There were photos and links that did not make the transfer from FB to here. It’s not meanspirited at all.

John O’Zed Russia is a capitalist ‘democracy’, though Putin is quite the dictator.

Hernan S John O’Zed Then why those pro-socialists looters hated, burn and looted the symbol of free enterprise and capitalism in America. In Mao “Little Red Book” they hated the expoitation of the masses in capitalist system and society with brand of a class. Isn’t what the CCP are doing now to their own people? With few become billionaires who has ties with CCP. Isn’t this a practice of Capitalism disguised as Communism?

John O’Zed I didn’t know there was a poll where looters indicated their ideologies, Hernan. I am fairly certain that quite a few of the looters considered themselves anarchists. I did not deny China was communist but Russia hasn’t been communist since the 1990’s, over 20 years ago.

I can’t and won’t say that Mitch McConnell’s father in law and family are communist though they are billionaires and certainly corrupt. Very easy to research the current secretary of transportation, Elaine Chao’s family history.

There are more than 2 parties involved in what is going on in the streets today, Proud Boys and the like, dressing up as Antifa and smashing windows and looting businesses. The police have been recorded giving them advice, to hide because the hammer was about to come down.

But I’m sure you knew that Hernan.

John O’Zed Just what is ‘the symbol of free enterprise and capitalism in America’, Hernan?

Hernan S John O’Zed…/project-veritas…/amp

Project Veritas Infiltrates Antifa, Reveals Organized Training in…
Project Veritas Infiltrates Antifa, Reveals Organized Training in Violent Action

John O’Zed Yes James O’Keefe is not a reliable source at all.…
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The 33-year-old who tried to trick the Washington Post with a fake…
The 33-year-old who tried to trick the Washington Post with a fake sexual harassment story has a long history of sting operations backfiring

John O’Zed…/james-okeefe-undercover…
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James O’Keefe Can’t Get No Respect
James O’Keefe Can’t Get No Respect

John O’Zed…/washington-post…/index.html
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James O’Keefe on the defensive after failed anti-Post plot
James O’Keefe on the defensive after failed anti-Post plot

John O’Zed…/f20a05c4-dc41-11e7…

Florida bars Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe from fundraising…
Florida bars Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe from fundraising due to criminal conviction

John O’Zed…/2017/11/james-okeefe/546911/

How James O’Keefe Made Himself Irrelevant
How James O’Keefe Made Himself Irrelevant

John O’Zed

The Epoch Times Media Bias Rating
The Epoch Times Media Bias Rating

John O’Zed

The Epoch Times – Media Bias/Fact Check
The Epoch Times – Media Bias/Fact Check

John O’Zed…/james-okeefe-pays-100000…/…

James O’Keefe Pays $100,000 To ACORN Employee He…
James O’Keefe Pays $100,000 To ACORN Employee He Smeared-Conservative Media Yawns

Hernan S John O’Zed John free enterprise always revolves in this five area: Right to choose your businesses, right to private property, profit motive, competition, and lastly consumers that determine whether your business succeed or not.

John O’Zed Yes I know about free enterprise Hernan. Why do people whine when FB or IG or Twitter block posts? Isn’t that the right of business to deny service? They can always post elsewhere if they don’t like it, after all aren’t they ‘ consumers that determine whether your business succeed or not.’?

John O’Zed Using dodgy Epoch Times to prop up crooked James O’Keefe was funny though.

Hernan S John O’Zed Calitalism was always the bedrock of American economic system. That’s what we are known for and that’s how we became as our economic symbol. From risk takers like Ford, Rockefellers, Andrew Carnegie. Steve Job, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezo to Elon Musk and big corporations that became the symbol of our economic prowess. You can start a business in a garage with an idea and guts and make it big in America.

John O’Zed Of course, it’s the bedrock Hernan. Free labor for years by slaves secured that bedrock firmly.
Did it seem I was denying inventors or risk takers?

You posted about Russia & China being Communist and you were half right.

Hernan S John O’Zed It was the consumers that tell FB and Twitter their line of business is a public square. That censorship of freedom of speech is not their business.

Hernan S John O’Zed Epoch Times who exposed China’s forced organ harvesting while our own and the world’s media turn a blind eye?

John O’Zed But the censorship of freedom of speech is a myth if they go on those same social media platforms to whine about how their free speech rights are being infringed upon, Hernan.
Consumers can tell FB & IG & Twitter is a public square, but it isn’t public at all if it is owned by a private free enterprise business.
Common sense really.

John O’Zed That Epoch Times exposure still has not been widely seen if it is only seen by readers of Epoch Times, Hernan.
Is there proof of these heinous acts from something other than Epoch Times? I mean, the burden of proof would be on them, no?

Hernan S John O’Zed Consumers dictate, isn’t it. That’s how you became a corporation. That’s why we tell Zuckerberg not to infringe our privacy by selling our data to a third party or being censored. We exchange ideas in FB, and Twitter .

Hernan S John O’Zed Otherwise John we became like China. You can’t criticized your government or you’ll go in internment camp.

John O’Zed Consumers go to a bakery and ask for a cake for a gay wedding. baker says NO. Can the consumer dictate the baker make a cake for a gay wedding, Hernan?
Zuckerberg sells your data and info no matter what you say.
It is up to you to decide what you want Zuckerberg to have.

Yes we exchange ideas in FB & Twitter & IG. I was just threatened with FB blocking me for posting a photo of Allies in Normandy in 1944 triumphantly overcoming the Nazis. I had to fight them on it and I won.

But ultimately they are private companies that run things the way they want. It is not guaranteeing free speech and it does not have to as it is a private company.

Like a store or restaurant that posts on it’s door, ‘We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone’. I’m sure you agree with that.
It is the same thing, FB, IG Twitter all have the right to refuse service to anyone.

Hernan S John O’Zed…/portlands-proud-boys…

Portland Proud Boys, antifa protests cost downtown biz $3M,…
Portland Proud Boys, antifa protests cost downtown biz $3M, group says

John O’Zed They’d have a better chance of getting payment from Proud Boys since they have leaders like Gavin McInnes, Hernan. Antifa has no leaders.

Hernan S John O’Zed Looks like you already sold out of our media who became the mouthpiece of Russian Collusion for almost four years.

John O’Zed The mouthpiece of Russian collusion is currently in the oval office Hernan.

Photos of Hair Fuhrer with Putin and also with Russians in Oval Office

Hernan S Can I ask you John, do you agree of the mayhem and murders and lawlessness to justify the wrong action of one man. Here’s my take out there on the streets, some bad elements were hijacking the peaceful protesters out there who wants to destroy and divide America

John O’Zed

John O’Zed You may ask and I will answer that NO Hernan

John O’Zed there are more than 2 actors in this play Hernan.

John O’Zed Do you really think that if someone supported ‘mayhem and murders and lawlessness’ they would be posting on FB for the past hour or so?
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Hernan S John O’Zed Spiritial conviction is totally different from a business model. That is why abortion is an on-going issue.

Hernan S Well, nice talking to you John. Glad we have this Facebook to exchange our views. Sorry to hear your post was banned. But glad to hear you won the case.

John O’Zed No Hernan, FB tried to ban it but I fought them and won. Here is the photo, please don’t report me.

It is by no means an endorsement of Nazis or Fascism. It is a photo of the Allies in 1944 in Normandy after a triumph over the third reich.

I’ve decided to remove the photo b/c you or someone you know might be offended and could report me.

Hernan S John O’Zed Loves your propaganda John. Captured Nazi flag during WWII. What a disservice to the late great generation.

Hernan S John O’Zed You mean Hurricane Crossfire scandal?


John O’Zed What propaganda Hernan? They fought Fascists so they were anti-fascist, which is…

John O’Zed Jumpin Jack Flash Hernan?
I was born in a cross-fire hurricane
And I howled at the morning driving rain
But it’s all right now, in fact, it’s a gas
I’m joking. I’d follow the Deutsche Bank loans, backed by certain Rubles. He’s not as innocent as he would have you believe.

Hernan S John O’Zed Yes, John unless you visit the concentration camp memorial scattered all over Europe. If Hitler’s Nazi Germany won I dont think there’s black lives matter marching in our streets.

John O’Zed And if Edison hadn’t invented the light bulb we’d all be in the dark, Hernan.
Does one need to visit Bergen Belsen to know how horrible and inhuman fascism is?
My father fought in WW2. I grew up around those veterans.
If you want to go that route I am more than ready.

John O’Zed I suppose I can forget “Well, nice talking to you John. Glad we have this Facebook to exchange our views.”,Hernan since you seem to have gotten a second wind and would like to spar some more.

Hernan S John O’Zed And if George Washington Carver did not experiment on peanut we would not have peanut butter. Color of skin is not a hindrance of what you can achieve.

John O’Zed I suppose that being a person of color it is a good thing to know that it is not a hindrance.
And I suppose that being a white man I know and have seen the obstacles installed to be a hindrance and I have done my best to remove said obstacles and to thwart such a system.

Hernan S This is going nowhere John. This is a free country. The tools you need is here some other countries dont have the luxuries at their disposal.

John O’Zed I thought when you posted “Well, nice talking to you John. Glad we have this Facebook to exchange our views.” Hernan, it was a nice way to end our discussion. You are the one who resurrected it.

“The tools you need is here some other countries dont have the luxuries at their disposal.”
I don’t understand what that has to do with anything we’ve been posting about. But as you said, this is going nowhere, so I won’t care.


John O’Zed And Hernan, I think If Hitler’s Nazi Germany won I think we would be marching under the banner of Jewish Lives Matter as well as Black Lives Matter since Nazis and Fascists weren’t and still aren’t terribly fond of black people, nor people of any color that isn’t white.
Aloha from the mainland.

Hernan S John O’Zed I’m glad youre fighting for that obstacles to be removed. But some obstacles are self-imposed. A narrative of victimhood is a good example. To tell one segment of our population that they are limited of what they can do at a young age because of the color their skin and injustices will be embedded in their mind and program them to hate and failure rather than realized their true potential and contribution to society.

John O’Zed I have used examples of my own life how systemic oppression from one man can be detrimental for a long long time Hernan.

Now if a system is designed to subjugate an entire race of people, for hundreds of years that race will more than likely be mostly crippled.

It takes a lot to overcome that. I struggle with that issue and it was just one man who did the damage to me.
I consider myself crippled by that despite my efforts to overcome it. Some can, some can’t.

Unless you’re living in an Ayn Rand philosophical fantasy, people do need help and assistance to get through it and to get over it.
And that means outside help from everyone. But that won’t happen since the status quo needs to be maintained and to maintain it people need to be subjugated.

Now racism gets recorded and seen by many instead of one’s word against another’s word.

We’ve just seen how qualified people of color were denied entrances to good colleges and universities because white moms and dads were able to bribe officials so their stupid children can cut the line and get into the schools before more qualified students who did the work.

They have seen the limits and surpassed them only to be undercut by monied parents of stupid children.

Being a white man I know how some members of
the white race are awfully glad that non-white, people of color do not unite to change the status quo and those white people are happy to see people of color supporting them in that.

No need to divide if people of color can’t get it together and unite.

Hernan S Glad you’re a reader John. I hope most people in this country continue their education beyond the walls of school campuses and be a critical thinker. I have the same observation, too. Not until I read the Bible, that tells me and classifies only two classes of people, not color of skin but good and evil. And that the prognosis of this world is heading from bad to worse. That one day the Lawmaker and Moral God will restore everything and totally eradicate the flaws what we are seeing now. For now I am hoping that America will sit down and talk in a calmer mind. Find the root of the problem and united find also a solution. Shouting and mayhem will not solve anything.

John O’Zed Yes, that only works Hernan, if:
A) Everyone reads the bible
B) Believes in the same god as you.

Colin Kaepernick protested quietly & calmly.
Look what happened.
Lunch counter protests were conducted by quiet and calm reasonable people and were met by ugly racists.
Look at what happened with students who wanted a good education in Little Rock, AK…

Shouting and mayhem do solve things, witness the Boston Tea Party, Abolitionist riots.

Hernan S John O’Zed Weve been shouting from LA, Ferguson to Baltimore nothing change John. We can get the world attention like the civil rights movement in the 60’s but no guarantee it will not happen again. It’s the issue of the heart not the color of skin. Of individual wrong choice.

John O’Zed
John O’Zed It is a matter of keeping people of color in line, not to be on par with Caucasians Hernan. If we as a nation had more depth I might agree with you, but we don’t, so I won’t.
We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It probably will though. As a white person I try to make sure it doesn’t occur, to make it a better world for all. Heartbreaking to see people of color not supporting people of color. Like crabs in a barrel that white people watch.
Know the history of this nation. From 1492 onwards it is bloody AF.
Remember a whole people from one continent were stolen and brought to another continent. History, names, families erased.
And then they’re supposed to ‘just get over it’ b/c other people who came voluntarily were able to.

John O’Zed Hernan you wrote: “We’ve been shouting from LA, Ferguson to Baltimore nothing change John. ”
What happens when nothing changes after the shouting and protests? People get angry. People get frustrated.

Hernan S John O’Zed They did that to Mahatma Ghandi peaceful protest against powerful British Empire. It took them a long long time but finally end up getting India’s long sought independence. Never give up and spread the racial discrimination awareness peacefully.
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John O’Zed Different times, different people, different circumstances Hernan.
Were those Indians taken from one continent, enslaved in another, and had their families broken up and their history erased?
Were they freed only to find obstacles and laws designed to prevent any chance of equality and violently forced to live under white supremacy?

Or was it India’s struggle to throw off the yoke of colonialism?

Try as you might, this isn’t a one size fits all situation.

Hernan S Señoren John O’Zed Well, the apartheid in South Africa, the whites restored the power back to Mandela and at present back to the people. Now that the table was turn the world witness white farmers murdered in their homes? Explain to me if racism root issue is the skin color? No, it’s the heart, very evil. That is why we stand before the Bema Seat of Christ, the supreme judge of all judges and we are judge every sins we committed even our secret sins.

John O’Zed
John O’Zed Do people who are not christian stand before the Bema seat of Christ Hernan? People who might have never known of any gods that are worshipped today? Can you answer or explain that?
What is a Bema seat of Christ?
I cannot explain racism root issue, but I know it exists. I see it, you see, the world has seen what happened to George Floyd, what happened to Ahmaud Arbery and that is racism at the root.
I’m fairly certain we have 2 different facts about what is going on in South Africa.
Perhaps it is “a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me, and doing mercy to thousands of those who love Me and keep My commandments.”
There was and probably still is, the fear of what the Afrikaaners did to the Black people will be done to themselves.
I would like to read more of the info on South African farmers being murdered in their homes, perhaps you could provide a link if you have one.

I think the racism root issue is the lack of a heart, lack of a soul, and an absence of compassion which are three qualities best exemplified by Jesus, wouldn’t you say Hernan?

Hernan S Señoren John O’Zed You’re spot on John. Our body is composed of the flesh, soul and spirit. Every one of us here on earth had our appointed time to leave. The flesh will return to the ground thus the word “from dust you are created to dust you shall return”. The soul and spirit will not die but will come before God for judgement. God is a giver of our soul and spirit thus the word “we are created in His own image” and ” we live and move and have our being” through Him. Since Christ, the Son of God, in total obedience went up to the cross to receive the total blunt of God’s wrath to a sinful humanity, Christ was also given the authority to judge all humanity. It doesn’t matter who you are, your religion, whether you read the Bible or not since God wrote His laws on the tablet of our heart called conscience. The conscience of knowing right or wrong actions. This life is a gift of God. How we spent our life here will be accounted on the day we stand before Him. Have a good Sunday John.