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Go Ahead

Bill will be singing at Madison Square Garden, singing the National Anthem solo before a WNBA basketball game July 20th. Tickets are 10.00 a piece. Very big and fun news indeed. Getting the word out early. It’s about 10:23PM and I just got back from Rand and Lisa aka El Jefe and Lady Gigglepuss’ apartment where Rand had given me a new computer. Not so much new but different. It’s a Dell. Dude, I got a Dell. I know it’s a cliché but I had to say it before anyone else did. That should not stop anyone else from saying it though.

Now I am sitting in front of the TV Bill at my computer trying to access the wireless connection that Bill has and I share. He’s on the phone with Rand and they’re both trying to get me access to the net. In the interim I’m getting this out now so I won’t be up past midnight trying to write the daily entry. Things are supposed to be faster so I’m looking forward to that. Bill is telling me a story about getting Algebra in 9th grade. Actually he’s telling me for the second time tonight the second time in fifteen minutes. It’s a good story but I’d rather he worked on the wireless connection as he tells me the story.

The story is about the production that Bill is acting in next month on February 23 up in Harlem. Apparently the cast is getting it together after several months of rehearsal. Bill told me when they were in the early days of rehearsals he was the only one who was able to read off book. The director was mightily impressed. The name of the show is ‘Reflections of Time’ and it’s a musical. So that’s something to do. Bill’s being productive, isn’t he?

For me, work was ok. I do laugh to myself a lot. Wally can be entertaining from a distance. I wouldn’t say he’s funny though. Most Everyone, meaning 7 people told me that they were glad I was back. It’s nice to be appreciated. It was a not so slow day. Jury duty did break up the work week, but I didn’t read any of I, Claudius which is a bummer.
I am enjoying it, probably because I’ve seen the miniseries and own it on DVD. I do recommend it. I’m such an Oprah sometimes.

I was able to pick up the Village Voice. Couldn’t seem to find it the past two weeks. I did read it online but everyone knows that you read the Voice mainly to read the music ads. At least that’s what I do. Sure I’d read certain columnists, but it’s been the best place to see who will be playing where in the upcoming weeks. That’s how I saw Scritti Politti was playing at Bowery Ballroom. Who knows what I’ve missed? They don’t have those ads online as far as I know. Anyway, I’m tired, still not online. Bill was trying to et me into his network again but he’s tired as well.

Damn that Algebra.

True story: I am terrible at most math. I find my mind running away, thinking of conceptual things like who invented math and numbers? Who stood there, looking at sticks and saying, ‘this will be one, these will be two…’ and why one? why that word? Anyway, I’m in my junior year of high school facing my Algebra final and I knew I couldn’t figure it out. Numbers were hard enough on their own, but when letters were added I freaked out. If Y is 7 and X is 5… Forget it. I wrote an essay on the last page. I wrote to Sister Reginald and explained that I was sorry but I just don’t understand algebra and it’s not her fault she’s a god teacher but if I fail this, I was going to go to summer school where I would definitely fail all over again. Oh and also my parents would kill me. I guess it was a very well written and totally uncalled for essay but it worked. And I don’t think I ever wrote about algebra again for 27 years.

Daily Show very funny, but of course.

Sweet Painted Lady

Today was cold again, but then again it is winter. January is creeping to an end and it shows. Last night just hung out with Bill, not doing much of anything. Watched Heroes, which was totally engrossing and what is even more surprising was Live from Studio 60 was really enjoyable right up to the end where it was to be continued next week. After that was the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his guest Bill Gates. Very funny and the Colbert Report was great too. A good night for TV, which doesn’t happen too often excepting Thursdays.

Went to sleep in Bills arms last night and that was nice. Once again he was active and headed out the door after kissing me goodbye while I stayed in bed for the longest possible time. Today was certainly an out of the ordinary day for me. I had Jury Duty and got my act together and wore a suit and tie since there was the chance that wouldn’t be picked for a trial and would be released earlier, like what happened years ago. The only stress I had was trying to find my passport in case official identification would be required.

I found it and headed out the door much like I do everyday at around 7:30. I sent a message to Juan in the morning after checking my emails on Bill’s computer before I headed out. I walked through Church Square Park much like I used to when I would go to work at McMann and Tate. Nothing had changed at all and I walked over to the train, saw Plantain Man in the window of Natural Plus across from City Hall but he didn’t see me. Got on the train only this time I was headed to Journal Square, which required a transfer at the Pavonia/Newport Station.

Got to the courthouse which was not so hard to figure out since I had a general idea of where it was, within walking distance from the Path train. I went through the metal detectors, put my bag on a scanning machine and came through with flying colors. No weapons on me. I made it to the 4th floor and signed in and waited, sitting in a pew, which brought back so many memories of discomfort, and going to mass. I settled in and read the rest of last week’s New Yorker, taking pride in the fat that I was caught up. I was there before 8:30 as stated on the paperwork mailed to me last month.

Quite a few people strolled in around 9:30 or even later. No explanations given. We had to watch 2 videos about the Jury system and how it applied to us. The second one featured the Chief Justice of the NJ State Supreme Court telling us about how she had Jury duty back in 1997, noting that even judges have to attend Jury duty just like us. I wisely brought a book with me, ‘I, Claudius’ by Robert Graves. Julio had gotten it for me a few years ago and now I had the opportunity to read it.

It’s a great read, especially if you’ve seen the series on Public Television or have the DVD’s which Bill had gotten me a few years ago as well. My name was called with about 50 other people and we had to leave the modern courthouse built in the 1960’s and dedicated to Nicholas Copernicus for some reason, and trooped over to the older courthouse, built in the early part of the 20th century I think. Cellphones shut off we sat in a very warm and very stuffy courtroom listening to Judge Edward O’Connor tell us about more of the Jury section process.

Names were called for a civil suit, people were questioned and some accepted, some rejected from the jury box. My name wasn’t mentioned and when both parties and the judge were satisfied with the selections we were all told to go back to the modern courthouse. There I sat, reading ‘I, Claudius’. At 11:30 we were told to go to lunch and come back at 1:30. That was ok and I wandered around the area known as Five Corners and had a hamburger in a greasy spoon and read the papers with my juror badge hanging on the outside of my suit jacket.

I communicated with Rand at various points of the day. He fixed my computer and was wondering if I wanted a different model. I said it was up to him if he thought that was best. I do trust Rand implicitly on computer matters. I was very much into reading the book when at around 3:15 they let us go for the day, telling us there was no need to come back the next day, we were free for the next 3 years from Jury Duty.

I caught the train back to Bokeyland, nobody really on the street. Rand was not around, Bill was at work, and not answering his phone. I called up Golden Staffing and told them I would be in tomorrow which may have given them some relief, though I wonder if they think something is up what with me being legitimately sick a few weeks ago, and now with this Jury Duty. It’s all on the up and up so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

So now, waiting to hear from Rand, Bill’s home with his new humidifier and I’m at his desk top writing on his Mac on this cold evening in January. All in a days work.