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Blue Moon

Let’s get it over with shall we? Goodbye 2009. Crap year for me and a lot of other people. New calendars are in order. I was going to head into the city and go to a Barnes & Noble to see what calendars I can get there.

Also to exchange the John Lennon biography that Julio got me. I read it already and changed my mind about keeping it. I can get a calendar and probably a different book.

I started out stopping by the library to drop off the DVD of The Apartment, the Billy Wilder movie. I had never seen it before and neither did Bill. Very good movie, Jack Lemmon was perfect, Shirley MacLaine was pretty and Fred MacMurray was a real dick. Just a pretty good movie to watch at the end of the year.

I headed towards Washington Street intending to walk to the Path train or catch a bubs into Manhattan and by the time I made it up to the boulevard I changed my mind. I just walked around a bit and came back to the apartment building and shoveled the sidewalk in front.

No one else had and it didn’t seem likely that anyone would. I didn’t mind and it was just pushing the snow into the gutter. I was finished with that in about 10 minutes and climbed up the four flights to my apartment.

Bill was at work and I was going to take a nap but started watching videos on YouTube, then Juan called. He’s in California having a good time. Bill came home as I was listening to Tomorrow Never Knows on YouTube, quite loudly. I didn’t hear the door open and I was startled.

Also spoke with Ulysses who had called to wish me a Happy New Year. He wasn’t doing anything, just spending the night with his mother like he’s been doing the past few years.

So the plan for Bill and myself, after he wakes up from his nap, is to go to our annual steak dinner at Arthur’s restaurant in Hoboken. We’ve been doing it for a number of years, then we smoke cigars and stroll around Hoboken, come home and rest and then go to Rand and Lisa’s for cocktails.

It’s usually a low key night which is how we like it. No complaints on this end.

Just finished watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High on cable. Seen it a few times before, now it’s a look back on the early 1980’s. Back then I didn’t know what to make of it. More of a Southern California scene than a North Jersey scene. Still can’t relate to it and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to.

I think Dark Was the Night was the best CD release this year. Best reissues were the Beatles remasters. Best compilation was Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8. (which may have come out in 2008 but I got it in 2009 so fuck off) I guess the best movie was Avatar. Best concert, Paul McCartney at CitiField of course. That was an easy end of year list.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year. All the best wishes for 2010. It has to be a better year. It just has to!






Best DVD watched in the past 24 hours!

Best DVD watched in the past 24 hours!

Blue moon New Years Eve which I will take as a good omen.

Perhaps the best song of the last decade:

She’s About A Mover

No motivation. Just lazy. Haven’t even done laundry and it’s a piling up. Nothing to write about either. Walked over to Barnes & Noble since a new calendar will be needed shortly.

That was a disappointment. For the past 8 years they’ve had Beatles calendars, this year not one. I asked the sleepy bearded guy behind the counter and he told me that they were in stock a few weeks ago but they’re all sold out.

He also said it wasn’t a good time to buy calendars. Which was odd since it is time to get a new calendar, unless you’re Mayan.

I just paid for the Christmas cards on sale for half price for next year since all the cards I sent out this year were from Farfetched. Last year I didn’t work at Farfetched since they weren’t doing so well. This year, no one worked at Farfetched.

In 2005 I hung out with Juan for the day. We were in the city then came home and watched a Rufus Wainwright DVD. I downloaded Lazy Sunday, which was an early if not the first SNL Digital Short. It was for my new iPod that Bill had given me for Christmas that year.

Also wrote some stream of consciousness stuff which I don’t do anymore since the last time I did, which was mainly sentences from the TV blaring behind me, a lot of people were confused, more than usual.

In 2006 I was licking my wounds having left Wolff Olins and about to start work for Golden Staffing. There was no bonus for me thought other people got them. They don’t give bonuses to quitters. I should have just kept my mouth shut and not tell anyone I was leaving. It was one of the worst jobs I ever had.

Juan and I saw Brazilian Girls at Irving Plaza the night before. Found out Juan likes to be in the middle of the throng whereas I prefer to remain on the perimeter. I didn’t write on December 30, 2007 I was in Otisville. Excer was there as was an old friend of Pedro and Excer, Gary. Just a long night hanging out and drinking. Pedro’s had a rough year this past year and I’m sure he’ll be happy with a New Year.

In 2008 it was all about a misunderstanding between Bill and myself. I had to go to the office even though I was off of work. The writing was on the wall but unreadable. The Titanic was starting to make some gurgling sounds but in December 2008 I still thought I would be there until February 2010.

And we know how that worked out.

No hard feelings, and I might be doing some work for Greg Stevens at the end of January since he’s vacating his office and moving across the street. He’ll have professional movers and I guess I will oversee. I’m no mover.

And in December 30, 2008 I wrote about going to Barnes and Noble and purchasing a new calendar, and looking to my right, it was a Beatles calendar.