Daily Archives: December 4, 2009

That’s Alright, Mama

It’s Friday which is a good day for the employed, and yet another day for those who aren’t. No hard feelings here though. I get disgruntled that places that were fairly free of people when the weather is nice are crowded on weekends since the employed come out in droves. I suppose they’re entitled.

Last night Juan came over at a decent hour, he, Bill and I watched The Office and 30 Rock. Well Juan made it for 30 Rock. Both were hilarious, 30 Rock won the funny prize due the High Definition gimmick. It was a good hang.

Juan made connections with some of his friends so he flew the coop around 11:00, after Bill had gone to sleep. I stayed up until maybe 1:00, getting caught up in Craig Ferguson again. He’s so much funnier that Jimmy Fallon.

Whereas Jimmy Fallon struggles with the script and cue cards, coming off as wooden, Craig Ferguson seems to go off the top of his head with usually hilarious results. After that, bedtime for me. Slept really well.

Interesting thing, when Bill left and when I opened my eyes intermittently everything was tinted emerald green. I’d blink and it would go away. Just something interesting. Woke up and walked around Hoboken a bit.

A stop at Radio Shack to see about a cable for the iPods that I’ll be using at the benefit on December 13. Carson, the DJ said they would have it but as it turned out Radio Shack didn’t. I rushed home because my new, free cellphone was due to arrive via UPS. I made it in time for the phone to be delivered an hour later.

It was a nice enough day to go out and play guitar so I headed out to Pier A, after dropping off the loaner phone at the T Mobile store. It was a bit colder than I expected and only stayed out there for about 45 minutes.

Juan called at that time, as I was packing up. He was in Union City after coming back from Hackensack Hospital for a full body scan. Now he was doing laundry which I set about doing once I got back to the apartment.

While I was doing my laundry I called Juan while his clothes were drying for what turned out to be quite a funny phone call, almost an hour long. Very black humor topped with Juan’s mockney Cockney. But that had to end as I was soon off to meet up with Bill at an optician/hearing center.

He was having his ears checked out and I decided to check out some frames. My present pair of glasses fell apart the other morning and that was a lot of fun, trying to reassemble them without being able to see properly, but I somehow managed to get the screw in the hole via tweezers. It was a sight to see, if only I could see.

Would have made a good YouTube video I’m sure. I did find a nice pair of Ray Bans at a decent price which Bill said looked good on my face. He took a picture so I could see for myself and I think he was right. One of these days I’m going to get a new prescription.

Now I’m just hanging out with Bill, waiting to hear from Julio, who’s supposed to call when Alexander comes home. I just want to see him before Stine & Alexander fly off to Denmark tomorrow.

That’s it for the night. Just hanging out. Plain and simple like a pimple. And both Bill & I are are happy with that.