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The Bitch is Back

Well here it is a Tuesday and most of the day has been spent with Juan. Juan is still here, sitting three feet away. He has been using the apartment as a base for errands and interviews. I don’t mind and I love the company. I think it’s great that Juan is around and I think Bill feels the same. Takes the pressure off of him, the pressure of being the only point of contact for little old me. So having Juan around is a win win win situation. I am presupposing the win from Juan’s point of view I suppose.

And since Juan is here I’m not going to write much.

I had a fun phone chat with Jerry Vale yesterday. I instigated it when I joked about the dinner at the Grand Havana Room on Thursday night. I did that last year, I had to attend even though it was a day off. Jerry told me the tribulations regarding his place of employment and I remarked that it was probably a good thing I wasn’t working alongside him. It truly sounded like a farce. I joked about showing up at the dinner but really I couldn’t be arsed.

Juan and I are currently bickering. He wants to watch Bad Girls Club and I wanted to watch MSNBC. But Juan called it, we did watch a lot of the news regarding the supreme court and Prop 8. Tomorrow is DOMA day so it will continue till then. Perhaps low brow television is a good thing, something to clear the palate. Like a cheap bitch sorbet. See? Almost every other word out of their mouths is ‘bitch’ and already it’s rubbing off on me, bitch. And right now Juan is a little bitch threatening to kick me in the back of my head since I have been mocking him the way he mocks me.

He is me.
It is most unnerving.




my last visit to DC

my last visit to DC

I Stand Corrected

Yes I am listening to My Bloody Valentine right now. I just had an early supper since I skipped lunch and my spirits were flagging somewhat. They seem revitalized now so hopefully that will last. It’s been a cold and snowy day and a visit to the bibliothèque was in order since there were some things that should have been returned yesterday but weren’t. DVD’s you see and the late fine is not cheap. Not too expensive either but a considerable amount more than the fee charged when a book is overdue. And while there I was chatting with the staff.

They are very excited by the fact that the other supermarket will be opening in a matter of days, but also saying they won’t go the first day since they expected it to be a madhouse. I can’t say I will stay away on day one, there is a matter of curiosity and wanting to see what was done and what has been changed. And of course I heard about the trouble one of the women is having with her 14 year old son, such trouble and being unruly, she is at her wit’s end. She also said she wished I worked there but they aren’t hiring full timers so I am out.

Resumes have gone out once again today which was leaving me with a feeling of something resembling hope. Whether or not there will be a reply is not up to me. Just looking for something behind the scenes, support staff, things like that is what I am after. The day has been edged with the blues a bit, just from looking backwards. It started last night once Bill went to bed and I was alone with my thoughts. And then there is the tumult of thoughts after the lights go out and before I drift off to sleep.

Last night Bill and I watched My Left Foot. Bill and I watched it once before but he thinks he fell asleep before it ended so he didn’t remember the car chase and the shootout with Christy Brown and his family. It certainly wasn’t as bloody as I remembered. But seriously, looking up Christy Brown in Wikipedia, the movie ended with a Hollywood ending. According to what I read, the nurse named Mary was not that nice and may have abused Christy Brown physically after they had gotten married.

After that we started to watch a documentary on Public Television which had Bill’s attention but reality ticked away on his wrist and he needed to go to bed. Of course once he went to bed things got really interesting. They were talking about Latino programming in New York City for WNET and I was smiling quite a bit when they were talking about the Electric Company. The Electric Company was after my time, but I still remembered it and got a kick watching Rita Moreno and Morgan Freeman doing their educational skits in the 1970’s.

Bill is on his way home now and I am looking forward to seeing him once again. I get into so much trouble when he’s not around. Bill did say while watching My Left Foot last night that he didn’t mind watching it again with me and that he enjoys the movies that I pick out that he should see to help him with his thespian ways. Not much else to report on this end. Cold, snow and things like that are what is going on outside, but since I am presently inside I am not paying any attention to it at all.

Howling dog in the window

Howling dog in the window

How do you keep that robe so white?

How do you keep that robe so white?