Daily Archives: November 16, 2007

Last Night

Well last night was Thursday night, but you knew that. Today is Friday which makes most everyone happy. It made me happy. And I’m still happy. Work was pretty good. Next week, a two and a half day work week which is extra nice. Then the slide towards Christmas, parties, shopping, running around. That makes the time go really fast and then before you know it, it’s time to get a new calendar. I haven’t done any shopping yet, but I do have some nice ideas for gifts. And I also have a list of things that I would like, that I will buy for myself, probably in the week between Xmas and New Years. Cold this be a glimmer of holiday cheer? I don’t know. Don’t want to peak too soon so I’ll just leave it at that.

Some spoilers so look out! Last night, being Thursday, meant it was a good TV night. At least three hours of the best shows I think. It started with Ugly Betty, which was as sweet and slightly madcap as previous episodes, yet ended on a down note. Great use of the U2 song, Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own. I had never heard the song before and it took me a few minutes to realize it was Bono singing. I did recognize some elements of an Eno production. I won’t give it away, but it was a good one, not the best, but still.

After that I switched over to The Office which I felt was funnier than it had been in earlier episodes. It was more focused on Michael and Jan in New York than on the Scranton office. It was truly the funniest deposition I had ever seen. And yet that too ended a bit sadly. It seemed that Michael and Jan are through, especially after Michael being wounded by Jan’s appraisal of him during a performance evaluation.

After that was Scrubs, which started out promising with Carla having a dream where she is about to be killed by JD so he and Turk could be together forever and explore water parks around the world. Elliot helped with the killing. Also Carla raising their kid to be bilingual but only speaking Spanish to the kid when Turk wasn’t around. No mention of JD’s baby and the mother of said baby. Guess she’s out of the picture, though this is the last season so she will more than likely make another appearance by the finale. Also it came close to revealing Janitor’s name, but the ending was funny with JD doing the janitor’s job and becoming aggressive thanks to the ammonia fumes, much to Janitor’s delight.

Then I watched My Name is Earl, part two of a two parter. Once again Michael Rappaport haunted my screen, more face time for the red head than there was last week. He certainly isn’t aging well. It was a good episode and very busy, lot’s of loose ends being tied up. I hate to say it, but out of the five shows I really like on Thursday nights, Earl is usually in fifth place. Maybe it’s the Scientology.

The best show last night, IMHO, would be 30 Rock, with guest star Edie Falco. And of course it was down to Alec Baldwin once again. Fred Armisen was pretty funny too, he being another guest star. All the stories were top notch, laugh out loud funny. I guess this might be the last new episode for a while until the writer’s strike is resolved. Thanks to Netflix, I’ll always have The War.

30 Rock Hilarious. Alec Baldwin rules
The Office- Hilarious and strangely sad
Ugly Betty- Good yet sad.
Scrubs- Good start, good finish, saggy middle
My Name is Earl- Very busy and OK