Daily Archives: November 27, 2007

Feel A Whole Lot Better

It’s Tuesday so blah blah blah. Big friggin’ deal you say, and I am in near total agreement with you. Last night was pretty quiet, Bill’s mother was supposed to be released from the hospital, but they decided to keep her another night for more tests, so Bill came here for one more night of sleeping in a decent bed. He told me earlier, they were keeping her one more night, sending her home tomorrow, Wednesday, so that means Bill sleeps in comfort once again.

Bill and I watched Chuck which was pretty good. Bill tends to like whatever I’m watching so that makes fighting over the remote control nonexistent. Chuck’s formerly dead room mate and nemesis, Bryce returned, turned out he wasn’t dead after all. The guy that used to be on Third Watch played the bad guy, scarred face and all. All in all a good episode, not the best.

Heroes came on after that and that just wasn’t that good. I can tell they’re going to kill off Maya and Elle, two characters that were introduced this year that just didn’t hit it off with the viewing audience. Maya had a stupid power anyway. She cries black tears and people die. They killed off her brother last night, actually Sylar killed off the brother, stabbing him rather than slicing open his brain and eating whatever is inside, then after killing the brother, Sylar made out with the black teared sister. I bet she gets killed next week.

And perhaps a showdown between Hiro and Peter next week too. No torso shots of Milo V, though his clothes were a bit tight fitting on him. It’s much like they way they killed off two late comers on Lost last year. Scrubs came on at 10:00 after Heroes which set off my body clock, my mind thinking it was 11:30 and time to go to sleep. And I did fall asleep around 11:30, not taking any guff from my body clock.

Woke up with Bill kissing me good bye once again. It wasn’t raining out and it was already in the 50 degree range. No over coat for me, and I walked to the bus stop in springlike weather. Three weeks behind in the New Yorker again, but there’s no rush. Got to the office, started the machines running, made coffee and finished the last of milk, forcing me to go out and get some more. Came back, talked to Greg Stevens and noticed on his desk an invitation to a fund raiser for Mitt Romney. Oh Greg, why?

Well I do work in the financial sector, and Republicants and conservatives do run rampant. I don’t believe Romney has a chance, so I’ll let Greg have his fantasy. I did have a blue moment, feeling useless and incompetent again, I called Bill for some reassurance which he gave in the way of saying that if I were an idiot he wouldn’t be with me. That was nice. That, and a banana made me feel a whole lot better.