Daily Archives: November 10, 2007


Man it’s a lazy Saturday though I am being productive. Did laundry, dropped off dry cleaning, got a haircut, strolled the boulevard, bought some groceries. So I can’t say I’m lazy really. Last night was lazy for sure. Nothing on TV really. Bill was around and we watched ‘Help!’ which I recorded. Holding off on getting the DVD since the holidays are approaching and someone might want to get it for me for a gift. Not the deluxe version, just the regular, that’s all I ask.

Though it used to be my favorite Beatles flick, it really doesn’t hold up next to A Hard Day’s Night. The Fabs didn’t have too much to do which is just as well since they were all quite stoned when they made it. Lennon said it best, that it was like being in a movie about frogs. I think it was the fact that it was in color that first got me to like it, but I learned to appreciate black and white. It is a fun romp though, and you can see where the idea for the Monkees came about.

Bill stayed awake as far as the Beatles in the Alps. Then he crashed and I watched Talk Soup. Juan was going to stop by since he was in the area again. He said 11:30 or 12:00 and I was game, even texting him a little after midnight, but as the clock approached one and I found no response to my text, being a bit jazzy, like Dizzy Gillespie, I decided to turn in for the night. Bill out cold, I snuggled. It was a bit nippy outside and quite damp from all the rain.

I slept until 10:15 this morning. It felt good, yet there was a twinge of guilt from sleeping so late. But I felt I needed it. No one was expecting me anywhere anyway. Bill had left already, gone to make sure his mom gets her delivery of Fresh Direct. I went out and got my bagels. I don’t even have to say anything, they see me, hold up two fingers, I nod and about a minute later I leave with two buttered poppy bagels. After that was grocery shopping on one cup of coffee. No one spoke to me so that was good.

Came home, made breakfast, read the papers and started the laundry as well as cleaning up the bathroom floor which had become filthy. After all that, I watched a cartoon inspired by the writings of Mordecai Richler, called Jason Two Two. It was actually pretty good and funny. Richler wrote The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, which starred Richard Dreyfuss and which I never saw. After a while it was off to the outdoors. I saw that my barber, Tony was available and popped in for a chat. We talked about Italian soccer which I know nothing about, Sicily vs. Naples was on. After a fine haircut I wandered down Washington Street, not seeing anyone I knew. I guess they saw me first.

Just got home a little while ago. Bill back home, sound asleep in bed. I’m sitting here writing, chatting with Juan who may stop by tonight, and listening to Fila Brazillia, a crew from the UK, with some laid back danceable songs. Not that I’m dancing. Saving myself for December 8. when Bill and I plan on going to Blow Off, a dance party hosted by Bob Mould, formerly of Husker Du. A friend went to the previous NY show over the summer and he liked it enough, his enthusiasm was strong enough to get me interested and also get Bill interested as well. That night will entail an disco nap, which I am planning way too many weeks in advance.

Norman Mailer has died. I’ve never read any of his books.

Florida State Representative Bob Allen (R) found guilty of offering an undercover police officer twenty dollars so that Bob Allen could blow him in the men’s room.
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