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As It Is When It Was

It’s a gray day yet again, this time it’s a Thursday gray day. Not so bad. Just always on the edge of a storm today. Last night, pretty quiet. Finally got this week’s New Yorker. That’s what sows down my catching up I think. Well, that and not reading it when I have the opportunity. I have been slowly reading a book about the Beatles. It’s a good read so far. I’ve read dozens so far and they always end the same. The band can’t stand each other and they break up. Sorry about the lack of spoiler alert.

I did attempt to go to bed earlier. I was getting ready for bed around 10:45 when Bill texted me that he was on the bus home. I had no idea that he was coming over last night. I texted him back that I was going to bed. He usually texts me when he gets on the bus at the terminal, but apparently this time he texted while he was on the bus in Hoboken. He was in the apartment about 10 minutes later just as I was closing my eyes. I got out of bed and gave him a kiss, chatted for a minute, then tried to go to sleep. Not that easy since he was soon in bed next to me and soon after that was snoring. Still, it was good to hear the sound of concrete being jack hammered, which is the sound he sometimes makes as he drifts off.

I woke up around 6:00, Bill still sleeping. I asked him if he was going to work and he was going in later. Soon I was out the door walking up to Washington Street, listening to Hot Chip on the iPod. Got to the office, most everyone was going to be out of the office at a seminar across town. That made things pressure free and I was able to take my time starting up the office. It took me about 15 minutes instead of 10, that’s what I call coasting. Ran a few errands, dropped off In The Valley of Elah at the Post Office.

Eventually I strolled up to 57th street to get my Thursday lunch, Penne with chicken and pesto. It’s just a nice reward that I give myself for getting through most of the week, and the garlic breath keeps people at a distance. There’s a slight undercurrent of melancholy in the office this week. DNA Inc, shares office space with TechnoBio and TechnoBio is leaving at the end of the month, relocating the office to Washington DC. Some are going, some aren’t but the New York office with be closed regardless. Nice people, hate to see them go.

Some have left already and we’ve said good bye over the past couple of weeks, now it’s the core group and it’s cleaning out of offices and throwing stuff out. They’ll still be paying half the rent according to the lease, but no one will be there. That’s the nature of the economic beast.

Green Onions

It’s Wednesday, not Tuesday. It’s still cold out, though it’s in the 30’s making it relatively comfortable. Bill was here again, rambunctious as usual. That’s his charm. After eight (!) years of being together I am developing the sense of just letting him be, shout about whatever it is he wants to shout about (as long as it isn’t me) and occasionally he fades from my audio consciousness. I generally get back to reality in time, and sometimes I have to ask him to repeat itself. Such is the price of companionship. It’s all worth it though. Not complaining about it, just stating a fact.

Things are pretty good right now, the stock market woes haven’t hit my office, not yet at least. I’ve been busy and so far my resolution of getting more on top of things in the office is still ongoing. Tom Chin and I have been getting along just fine. I’m doing everything that is asked of me, and even delegating projects to Lydia. Sometimes Vivek or someone else would go to her directly and ask her to do something, which usually ends up with me answering her questions about what she has to do. It would be better if they told me directly what they want her to do, but I guess as long as it gets done, they just don’t care how it’s done. The ends justifying the means.

Once again I helped Greg Stevens get a grip on the doohickey called the Internet. I couldn’t help him too much since the problem lie mainly with the aircraft carrier he was planning on flying in March. Two weeks off for Greg in March and that will lighten my load somewhat. The first Friday in March I already put in for a day off since Bill and I will be heading to South Jersey for my cousin Neil’s wedding to his longtime girlfriend, Linda. That’s an event I’m looking forward to. I don’t think my brothers were invited, just me and Bill. Gotta represent.

I did send an email to Brian and Frank but I haven’t heard anything about whether or not they were invited. This can turn into ‘well they didn’t invite us to this function or that one so I’m not going to invite them to our thing’. Hurt feelings land. That would be too bad. Bill and I still have to figure out how we’re going to get there, train, car, who knows? And of course, it depends on how well Bill’s parents are doing that weekend.

No plans for tonight. Bill’s coming home again and that means two hours of Law and Order. It doesn’t matter who’s in the shows since it all melts into one episode. Just a mellow night at home, simple really. Nothing planned, nothing to do. Still haven’t watched Sicko, but tonight wouldn’t be the time, not with Law and Order being on. Plus I don’t think I’m in the mood tonight. Actually right now I feel like taking going to sleep, but that means I would wake up around 3:00 in the morning and that would be no fun. I guess I’ll hang in there until later. See ya.

Here’s Al Gore