Swimming Horses

I just had an idea, probably got it from watching television all those years. I was thinking about how nice it would be if my brothers and my sister never moved away from the house we grew up in. If the house was big enough we’d all live there forever, burying parents and spreading out. And not just my family, everyone. I guess that’s how things were hundreds of years ago, or maybe even sooner. Of course everyone would eventually breakdown and start killing each other. I guess it’s from reading I, Claudius where everyone lived in the palace and eventually started killing each other.

It was a moment of idealism. Perhaps misguided. I was thinking of my sister listening to Dazed and Confused in her room in Lodi and thats what triggered it. Picturing Rex and Earl living there with her with Brian and Karen upstairs, Frank and Elaine somewhere and me more than likely living underneath our unfinished porch with rotting wooden skateboards with steel wheels and a large decaying stuffed plush toy bear. Various additions on the house would have to be made but reality sets in and I remember all the screaming and fighting that went on with six people under one roof. That would only intensify with more people. Add in the kids and you can call it hell.

I suppose then it was a good thing we all left when we did. I know my mother wasn’t too happy about it and she didn’t have anyone to bemoan her fate, that her children abandoned her in the care of a tyrant. He wasn’t easy to live with at all. There were occasional visits and tons of phone calls but the house was rather quiet and lonely without her children being there. I’m sure she wished she could’ve left too, but where would she have gone? Definitely a Robert Graves influence on my head. Enough! Out! Out, I say!

Work was work. I told Bill about another agency tempting me with a better paying job, doing the sort of thing I used to do at Wanker Banker. Glocap sent me an inquiry asking if I was interested and I had to say that I was. More money, benefits and bonuses and free lunch. I’d be a fool to not look into it at least. So I gave the go sign and haven’t heard anything since, but then again it was less than 24 hours it may be too soon. Then again, nothing might happen and that’s cool since I am content with where I am now.

President Naomi has been good to work for and Wally has been warmer than usual. And they do appreciate the work that I do. It’s a simple job that’s for sure. Relatively stress free. No real complaints about anyone and it’s a rare occurrence when that happens. I deal with the job offer if and when I hear from them. Other than that I had to deal with an applicant that sounded like Renee Zellweger and she just kept going on about how Grey Gardens is the best Broadway show, having seen it 7 times. That was about as odd as it got today.

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