Daily Archives: February 5, 2007

Unwind Yourself

It’s Monday and of course that means back to work. Bill spent the night at his folks last night because he had to take his father to the VA hospital again for more tests. Everything is ok, but his father is 84 years old and check ups should be more frequent than they have been the past couple of years. Everything went well until Bill started butting heads with his mother, causing Bill to leave the apartment and head out into the cold streets of Stuyvesant Town. He didn’t go too far, just dropped in on his cousin and her family to see how they were doing.

What with all that is going on around him, Bill is turning into a most stable kind of fellow. Which is good. A step up. We all have our moments to be there for other people and now it is his turn and he’s handling it quite admirably. It was bitter cold out this morning, the morning news shows kept repeating the temperature of 9 degrees and how it’s actually going to get worse before it gets better. Once again I wore my late fathers silk long johns, which is a bit creepy but as long as he’s not in them it’s ok and I know Annemarie washed them before she gave them to me.

It was brutal waiting in the bus shelter for the bus. Strong winds stabbing you with cold air, no matter how many layers you might have on. Soon enough the bus did arrive and I assumed my place in the back of the bus. I really don’t talk to anyone until 8:30 when I get to the office. I walked the streets, listening to Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire which is sounding more and more incredible with each play on the iPod. I loaned the leaked version to Julio on Saturday night though he didn’t remember getting the first cd which I loaned him a few months previous. I guess I’ll burn a copy for Annemarie when the time comes.

Work was ok. Everyone seemed low key. Occasional comments about the Super Bowl floated around but no in depth discussions which was more than fine by me. Never much into football. My parents used to have season tickets to the Giants home games and they would drag me against my will. I never wanted to go. Too cold and boring, though when puberty hit, I usually found some reason to watch the field through a pair of binoculars which would be returned somewhat fogged up. And if I wasn’t watching the field, there was usually an alpha male in the vicinity to check out, sometimes close enough that binoculars wouldn’t be necessary.

At work, Stephen Daedalus was setting up a program so I could do work at home. The data entry work which is piling up despite my earnest attempts, could be done at home on my own time after work and it would add to overtime which is a good thing. It would be ok with me to do some data entry here, I tired a few times but never had the proper authorization, so after I write this, I have to log off and then back in as an administrator to see if I can get that ball rolling. Overtime is good, and overtime at home, while on my time seems to be much better. So I’d better get on that. Cheers!