Daily Archives: February 28, 2007

Eye No

Man it’s Wednesday and for a hump day it certainly was a crap day. It didn’t start out that way. It started out perfectly alright. Last night I was merely bored. Gilmore Girls were ok, but I wasn’t paying too much attention. Could it be that I’ve stopped caring? When will they kill off Richard Gilmore? It seems to be in the cards. Love Lauren Graham but Lorelei is getting tiresome, and Rory should quit her whining. I’ve been watching the show since the first season and I’m just not feelin it yo. But still I will watch since there’s nothing else on at that time.

Watched Law and Order Criminal Intent and that was so boring too. And the Law and Order I do like, Special Victims Unit was even more boring. I felt drugged watching it. Could this be a hangover from watching the dreadful Black Donnellys the night before. Bill and I watched that horror show and we couldn’t wait for the commercials. Of course since this was the premiere episode they didn’t have a commercial for the first half hour. That was agonizing. I recommend staying away from the show even if you like watching 25 year old actors playing parts that have way too much gravitas and no plausible story lines.

I went to bed at 11:00 and fell right asleep. Bill joined me soon after for the nightly wrestle over the sheets. Nothing erotic, just a long struggle all night long. It was a restful sleep though. Before I knew it Bill was kissing me goodbye once again and I got out of bed and jumped into the shower. I even left the apartment a little bit earlier and caught the bus. Almost done with I, Claudius and made a reservation for the following book, Claudius the God, from the Hoboken library. I am also all caught up with the New Yorker too. Side note: the building I work in housed the original New Yorker offices, before they moved into the building where Bill works.

Work started out ok, but went south soon after. The copier started making grinding noises and I soon learned that this place isn’t like the previous two jobs I worked, where if the copier breaks down and you can’t immediately fix it, you call the copier repair guy. Nope, not at this job. Jake and I dealt with the copier while President Naomi kept handing me tasks to do. One of them involved retyping something and I couldn’t get it right after three times and she was getting annoyed. She snipped at me and I almost snipped back but held my tongue.

She apologized later and it all went well as far as office work mattered. After work I decided to have a Padron, which I hardly ever do since the office is so close to the bus terminal there’s not enough time to stroll and smoke. So I walked around midtown a bit in a roundabout way and enjoyed my cigar. Then I got to the gate for the bus after finishing my Padron to find the escalator broken again. This was the second day and there are no signs telling you where to go so I had to take the secondary bus to Hoboken.

I like Diet 7Up. Bill knows, Juan knows, the recycling crew knows. The supermarket doesn’t know, much less care. They never have it in stock. They have eight million bottles of regular 7Up. The other day they had diet Sierra Mist. Tonight they had none of that. If I knew where to catch the Washington Street bus I would’ve gotten it on the boulevard. But I didn’t and I didn’t. I came home and tried to open up a can of tuna with a crap can opener I bought two weeks ago. Oh life is so hard. Boo fuckin hoo.

Don’t worry. I got over it and had myself a sandwich. Though I have to get a new can opener. Again. It’s the little things, especially when they come right after another after another.