Daily Archives: February 16, 2007


Finally Friday has gotten here in one piece. It took all week to get here and felt even longer since the payoff was a three day weekend. Bill was at his folks last night so I was a solo act. I chilled out last night, dropping in at some point on Julio and Stine to borrow their can opener and to be abused and to abuse Julio. It was quite like the situation in the apartment with Bill. Stine at the table in her kitchen on her laptop, Julio in the next room on his laptop. I thought Bill and I were the only ones to do that.

I watched Scrubs and 30 Rock, then I watched Ugly Betty at 10:00 since I had dvr’d it. After the daily show I was off to bed. Usually Bill is in bed before me and he gives off a lot of heat. Not last night. He was out of town, out of state. I did the best I could do by myself. I wound up digging out an old green blanket that my mother used to have for some warmth and perhaps some security. Soon I was deep in sleep, not waking up until I absolutely had to, 6:30.

Not enough milk for cereal, but I had enough for coffee which was nice and strong. I had plugged in the iPod last night and as I drank my coffee and checked my email I thought I’d see if it would work, not having been exposed to the elements. Of course it didn’t work. After two songs, it froze up again. Bill has the exact iPod as I do, so does Juan and they don’t have the problems that I do. Maybe I give it a little too much importance, too much power.

I made a reservation at the iPod store for 6:10PM. Work was ok. Surfed a bit, did some data entry. Not many applicants in today. Wally was out due to his ear problem but he phoned a few times and was quite funny. He’s on Tylenol with Codeine which makes him quite agreeable. I mentioned to avoid going to the Valley of the Dolls and he started yelling, ‘I’m Neely! I’m Neely’. Yep, Wally is gay that’s for sure. If he can quite lines from Valley of the Dolls, that’s proof enough for me. I was also able to finish the Word document I worked on yesterday and got good comments about it. That was cool.

Work dragged of course, for this was a three day weekend. After work I legged it up to the Apple store again where I waited for about 20 minutes before I met up with Genius Jason Ferguson who was sympathetic and took my iPod and restored the factory settings, erasing everything of course. Once again, I’ll be loading thousands of tracks into the iPod over the weekend while doing laundry. I don’t mind, it’s too cold and icy outside and I’d rather be inside. I have dvd’s, and things I’ve recorded and Juan is coming up tomorrow and you know that can’t be bad.