Daily Archives: February 17, 2007

See No Evil

Well I’ve reloaded 6370 songs into the iPod. Not so difficult having dome the most of it last night. Finishing with Yello, ‘Stella’. I was loading album by album, reducing duplications. It’s not finished yet, still have a lot of fine tuning to do. It was around 12:45 when I stopped and went to bed. Conan was really funny as usual. I have to DVR Conan and forgo the Daily Show since I watch it most every night anyhow. Slept fairly well. Bill was out cold, but his body gave off lot’s of heat. Physically speaking I mean. The bed was nice and warm when I got into it.

Since I went to bed about an hour later than usual, I woke up an hour later than usual. Bill was at his keyboards, hammering away at the keys with his headphones on. He has an engagement at his church tomorrow so he was practicing away. I made some coffee and had a shower, then I sat and read emails. So much porn, so little time. Ran out, dropped off dry cleaning, shoes to be mended, picked up bagels, newspapers and groceries. Such an simple life, if I say so myself.

Breakfast was good, eggs, bagel, coffee. Like every other weekend I suppose. Papers still fixated on Anna Nicole Smith. The press she so desperately sought is piled on thick. It took her death to achieve her life’s wish. That’s some kind of irony. The war rages on and the useless non binding resolution is being voted on. I guess it’s a vote of no confidence. Bill was out the door soon enough and I started doing laundry. Endlessly fascinating I know. Spoke with Julio about the plan to go to Burlington Coat Factory with Stine.

Surprisingly, Julio joined us. I replaced the hat that I bought two weeks ago with the same kind and it was on sale making it three dollars cheaper. President’s Day Weekend sale. I think Julio enjoys shopping for clothes with me, he listens to what I have to say in the sartorial sense at least. Unfortunately Burlington Coat Factory has a lot of crap. Another depressing place to shop. Syms is like that too, but at least you can find good bargains. Hello Hugo Boss. Those were the Wanker Banker days though when I was making decent money. Argh.

Had a lackluster lunch at the Malibu Diner. Really sub par. I’ll think twice about going there again. It was nice hanging out with Julio and Stine. Such good company. Stine was talking about making a leg of lamb for dinner which would be fantastic. I haven’t had that in a few years. One of my mother’s specialties.

Presently watching Peter Jackson’s King Kong. I love it. Of course it’s not as good as the 1930’s version, but it’s way better than the 1970’s Dino De Laurentis version. It really brings me back to the movies I used to love and were on WOR Channel 9 a lot. Like everyday for a week. This is also one of those experiences where I get so much more from a film on television than I do in a movie theater. At least during the big spectacles, there is so much going on the screen you don’t get a chance to take it all in. I do know I’m enjoying this King King on television more that I did in a theater. Nothing against the movies, I love the whole ‘movie going experience’, but some movies are better watched at home.

I am such a boy watching King Kong.