Daily Archives: February 8, 2007


It’s Thursday and the acronym makes sense, So Happy It’s Thursday. Woke up at 4:00AM, then again at 5:45 and finally got out of bed around 6:20, earlier than usual in all three situations. Bill was half dressed as he made the coffee and I poured some cereal and stepped into the shower. Within minutes Bill was out the door after kissing me good bye and wishing me a good day. I cleaned myself up, washing the sleep off of my body and out of my eyes. Once again I ate my cereal, had some coffee and checked my emails.

It was a balmy 20 degrees as I walked over to the bus stop, dropping off a book at the library in the box outside. I kept playing the Girl Talk mash ups, or as Juan calls them, songs. They certainly sound like mash ups to me. Hopefully you have traveled over to jockohomo/datapanik to see what I was talking about. I rode the bus and sat in the back reading yet another chapter of I, Claudius. It seems to be timed perfectly, I ride, I read and polish off another chapter. I really am enjoying it and look forward to watching the DVD’s again.

Work was pleasant. That’s right, pleasant. This office seems to be drama free which is a nice thing. President Naomi and managing director Wally were both in when I got in. I once again set about making coffee, distributing resumes and checking more email at work. Actually checking my personal email at work since I hadn’t gotten any emails since I left the office the night before. I sat and had some more coffee and read the Daily News online as coworkers sauntered by my desk. Not a hangover detected which is a change of pace.

They seem to keep their noses clean and their livers in check here. That’s what I’ve been doing myself lately so once again I seem to fit in. I am wrestling with the past once again in the form of insurance benefits. 20/20 hindsight is doing me in. Today I thought about how I should have made a list of plusses and minuses regarding whether or not I should have stayed at Wanker Banker. My days were numbered there though and I had to break free. Will I ever find a situation as ideal as it was when Robert, Sarah, Fay and I worked together?

Who cares? What’s done is done. Tomorro2w is Friday. Wally will be out of the office, I won’t shave and I’ll turn off the alarm clock until Sunday night when I go to sleep. Nothing really planned for the weekend, it would depend on the weather and finances. I would be content to stay in again, wait to come out in the spring. I’ve got dvd’s to watch, books to read, the New Yorker as well and I’m nearly caught up again. And I still haven’t finished reading Mojo or Uncut. And then there’s the laundry…

and Ugly Betty is so sad tonight.