Daily Archives: February 4, 2007

I Got Plenty of Nothin’

It’s a bitter cold Sunday. Been indoors most of the day, except when I went out twice for food. I hung out with Stine and Julio last night. Stine had stopped working on the model and didn’t want to hang out by herself. She also had bought some Guinness which was enticing enough to get me to go down two flights of stairs. I went down after watching some Scrubs episodes with Bill around 8:30. We just hung out talking and drinking and eating BBQ potato chips. Julio showed up after working over twelve hours in a sound stage in Queens.

He was understandably beat but once he had a bottle of Stella Artois and some lasagna that Stine had made the other day he was in a decent frame of mind. We all sat around the table drinking and listening to Scritti Politti and the Beatles ‘Love’ cd. Julio had gotten me that cd for a X’mas present but Annemarie had beaten him to it by about a month. He didn’t have a chance to give it to me before he flew to Denmark for the holidays. I asked him if he had it yet and he said he didn’t so I re-gifted it to him right then and there.

It was good to have some reheated lasagna last night. It certainly hit the spot after a few pints, though by 11:30 I was ready for sleep. I did catch a good piece of Saturday Night Live but really couldn’t tell you what I saw. I woke up around 8:30 and after showering and some coffee I headed out to get the bagels. Stine said that she was going out for them as well as the papers but I didn’t see any shopping bag hanging from my doorknob with bagels and newspapers in it.

I didn’t mind as I wasn’t suffering really after last night’s pints. It was a cold dry arctic air with stabbing winds that made exposed skin instantly tighten up. There were very few people on the streets at 9:00 in the morning. Too cold for many. There was a lot of broken glass though as if someone had smashed their apartment window on the corner of 7th and Washington. Wrong night to break a window, that’s for sure. I got my bagels and the newspapers for Julio and Stine and myself and hung theirs on the doorknob as I passed their apartment.

That was my initial foray into the cold air. The second was when I went to the supermarket to get some dinner. The aisles were packed with a lot of people out buying groceries and snacks for what seemed like Super Bowl parties. I bought what I need and was out of there within 10 minutes, some sort of record I think. Now I’m just hanging out, dressed in layers reading and watching the telly. That seems to be the plan for the evening. Do any of you have a problem with that?

I didn’t think so.