Daily Archives: February 14, 2007

Valentine’s Day

Snow Haiku
tumble on 42nd street
43rd st, salt falls into shoe
cellphone left at home

It snowed last night. About 3 or 4 inches, and when having a size queen for a partner, you realize that 3 or 4 inches isn’t much really. Zoom zoom zoom! Bill was up and active as I plodded around the apartment. Once again I thanked him for the cereal and the coffee and was able to get the words out properly. I stepped into the shower and got myself all clean for the day ahead. After that, breakfast and checking email while getting dressed and watching the telly for weather reports. It was a mess they said.

And it certainly was a mess. There were no emails from jaundiced psychopaths in Clifton today but that was only because I blocked his yellow ass. The sidewalk wasn’t shoveled and I couldn’t find the recycling can to throw out my recyclables. Turns out it was across the street on a neighbor’s shoveled sidewalk. I walked over and brought it back to the building throwing my plastics in there. It wasn’t so bad walking to Washington Street though when I got closer to the street I realized I left my cellphone at home.

I thought about turning around to go get it from the apartment but decided to go ahead to work instead. I was a bit worried that the office would be closed and I wouldn’t get the call not to come in. With every step I took and with every block the bus went past I felt like the office was not going to be open. I got off the bus and walked through the bus terminal and stepped into the slushy streets. As I walked down 42nd Street I decided to cross since it seemed more shoveled than the side I was on.

As I approach the curb I lift one foot over a puddle of ice and find myself falling down onto the sidewalk one hand clutching the umbrella, the other trying to cushion my fall. I landed on my left knee which hurt a little but I was able to limp and walk it off. A block later I felt ok. As I walked down 43rd Street I pass a maintenance employee for some building with a salt spreader spreading salt. He just kept spreading the salt as people walked by and of course some of that salt made it into my shoe.

I got to the office and only Larry was in. The office was officially open though President Naomi had opted to stay home in Essex County and Wally wasn’t expected in since he had that ear operation the other day. Everyone else trailed in. Not many applicants today. I surfed around and did some data entry, careful not to do too much since I’m basically all caught up to everyone’s amazement and gratitude. Sent some emails to former coworkers wishing them all a Happy Valentine’s Day, much like the wish I am giving to you right now.