Daily Archives: February 23, 2007

Breakin’ In My Heart

Friday and I’m feeling better. Bill was home last night having spent the night before at his folks. I woke up a little earlier than usual but didn’t get out of bed until Bill was through with his morning routine. Then it was the shower for me. Bill was a bit anxious since it was opening night for the play he’s been rehearsing with since last year and while he’s committed and able to read off book, his fellow cast members don’t have the same commitment and are still struggling with the play. Oh, and the director is an idiot.

Work was ok. My body felt pretty good. No distressful running of the bulls to the bathroom. It was almost like nothing happened regarding everyone else. My coworkers asked how I was feeling and I had no paranoia or need to over dramatize my illness. After nine months of backstabbing in the fear and loathing of McMann and Tate it feels like being a prisoner suddenly out on parole. Man they really did my head in. I’m coming to grips with the niceness of the people I work with and they all seem pretty impressed with my work.

Now I’m hanging out writing, listening to iTunes. That means, what is John listening to now?

That’s Love, That It Is- Blancmange
Great synth pop from the early eighties. No flack of seagulls, here. Fun, witty lyrics with arrangements that are related somehow to Talking Heads /Peter Gabriel stuff. I remember driving on the FDR Drive listening to this full blast.

Lost Again- Yello
Yello is the Swiss synth duo who wrote that song ‘Oh Yeah’ that’s been featured in many commercials and movies. Believe me, you’d know it if you heard it. They have a few songs that are way better than that. This is but one of them. Reminds me of the Paradise Garage.

Baby I’m Scared of You- Womack and Womack
Lite funk from Cecil and Linda Womack from when else? It seems like the early eighties are in fashion tonight. This was when I listened to Frankie Crocker driving back and forth from NYC to Saddle Brook NJ, hanging out, driving around Manhattan waiting for rush hour to end. Good times.

Nasty Girl- Vanity 6
Former Prince proteges in lace! 3 chicks scantily clad, singing in front of the Time. Great song, still holds up, what? 25 years later? Yikes! Careful on the dance floor dad! A touchstone of sorts for some modern acts. Vanity actually has a better voice than Janet, at least on this track.

Breakin’ in My Heart- Tom Verlaine
Good old Tom. His best song, in not ever, then best song in his solo career. With Ricky Wilson from the B-52’s playing alongside. Two guitar heroes for me. Tom’s lyrics are great too. A lot of people when they hear this song they always ask who it is. I guess they like it too. ‘Tonight, the air has teeth/I wish I had another way to breathe.’