Daily Archives: February 26, 2007

Lets Go to the Pictures

Argh. Back to work. Dreary Monday. Lot’s of snow outside but it was melting so it wasn’t so bad. I woke up as Bill kissed me good bye. I made the bed, jumped into the shower and did not have cereal since there wasn’t enough milk. It wasn’t so bad, I took my vitamins, had a chocolate chip cookie that I made yesterday. Bill likes my cookies so I’ve been making them over the weekend. We sat and watched the Academy Awards last night, eating warm cookies. So romantic I know. It was nice cuddling and watching various people win awards.

We watched Alan Arkin win, beating out Eddie Murphy. I saw Little Miss Sunshine, Bill didn’t. Alan Arkin was good in the movie. Eddie Murphy was really good in Dreamgirls though. We’d never seen him act that way before. But both movies were just ok. Little Miss Sunshine was ok, and Dreamgirls was not as good as Chicago. We both agreed that Jack Nicholson looked great totally bald. I was also surprised that Mark Wahlberg was as good as he was in the Departed. He was up for the same award that Alan Arkin won.

Sentimental note, Alan Arkin was in one of the first movies that I had ever seen, a movie called Popi.
I hadn’t seen it in about 30 years so now it’s in my Netflix queue. In a few weeks I’ll look at my queue and wonder what the hell it is doing there. We watched Pan’s Labyrinth win a few awards. I read about that film in December and wanted to see it then but still haven’t. I know both Annemarie and Frank have seen it, Frank seeing it twice. I spoke to Julio during the broadcast and he definitely wants to go see it, since it takes place in Spain after the civil war.

We watched Jennifer Hudson win her award. No surprise really. So much hype. She probably would’ve beaten up Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine if Abigail won. Ellen DeGeneres was pretty funny as usual. Totally inoffensive which is a good thing every once and a while. More awards given out for different movies. The roll call of the dead from the past year. Will Farrell and Jack Black singing with John C. Reilly about how being a comedian during Oscar season is such a lonely place. That was very funny.

Then came the finale. Helen Mirren won for The Queen. Another movie I hadn’t seen and that is in my queue for movies that have no set release date, like Pan’s Labyrinth. I do like Helen Mirren, ever since I saw her in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. Then came Best Actor. I hadn’t seen Venus with Peter O’Toole nor, The Last King of Scotland with Forest Whitaker. Of course my allegiance was with Venus and Peter O’Toole and of course being an O’Toole, Peter didn’t win. Forest Whitaker gave a nice speech though. Very classy. I’m sure Peter O’Toole would’ve been funnier.

Then Martin Scorsese won best director for the Departed. Not his best some say, while others call it a return to form. I say it was a very good movie, the best I watched all weekend, and I watched quite a few. The Departed also won best picture. It ended later than we expected and soon we were off to bed.
It was a good thing that I didn’t maintain a blog during the show, it would’ve been difficult with the cookies and Celine Dion’s long face singing.