Daily Archives: February 25, 2007

Kiss On My List

It’s Sunday and a lazy one at that. Last night just hung out and watched ‘The Departed’ which was just great. As soon as it started I knew it was worth watching. Great script, great cast, great camera work, it must be a Scorsese film. I still have it on DVD and plan to watch it again. Big storm on the horizon so I decided to stay in today. I did go out for bagels and newspapers this morning but that was it. I had nothing really to do and was feeling quite mellow. I did call Annemarie and Julio on the phone.

That was the extent of my communication with the rest of the world, at least via telephone. I did chat with Juan for a quick minute online. He wanted to know when the Scissor Sisters show is, and that is March 2, next Friday in Philadelphia. He’s supposed to be looking into arrangements for me since I will be traveling by train to either Trenton of Philly. I hope he does, or it’s a late night train back to Hoboken or Penn Station for me on Friday night, Saturday morning. And I hope the Scissor Sisters are better live than on their last record.

In any event, it should be an event. I watched Sarah Silverman’s Program today which I recorded the other night, it had it’s moments but I wasn’t paying too much attention, busy reading the newspapers and such. Watched and read some information about ‘300’ a big sword and sandals epic based on a graphic novel. Looks big and bloody and pure mindless entertainment. I’m surprised that Pedro hasn’t phoned me up about going to see it. It probably won’t be in Otisville, NY for at least a while though. I should go up and visit again, when it gets warmer at least.

Now the weather report is 4 to 7 inches for the next 12-24 hours. It’s going to be a mess again. Nothing I could do about it except to get to work tomorrow. Tonight is the Academy Awards, which is usually somewhat entertaining. Gone are the days or nights of being invited to somebody’s Oscar parties. Usually it was Charlie and Kathe but the times of their parties have passed. I would usually wind up in the kitchen with Stan and Meghan making jokes about most anything and everything that fancied us.

Tonight since there were no parties to attend, I was planning on writing this as the show progressed but decided against it. It does run long, it’s not starting until 8:30 and will more than likely run past midnight. I still might, but right now I am having doubts. I do get edgy when I haven’t written by 9:00. The computer will be on the and broadcast will go on as scheduled but now that I’ve written this I might be a little bit ahead of myself. We shall see. This could be part one after all.