Daily Archives: February 7, 2007

Love’s Theme

Hey kids, do you know what day it is? It’s Wednesday! And what do we call Wednesday around these here parts? We call it Hump Day! And that means, today is hump day! All downhill from here. Tomorrow is Thursday and Wally will be out Friday and Monday so that should make for an interesting dynamic in the office. I think we’re both struggling to like each other. I have no problem with that. It’s an office relationship that has it’s friction. But since he’ll be out it might seem like two four day work weeks, actually three with Presidents Day coming up too.

Once again the temperature didn’t go beyond the teens. I got up a bit earlier once again and that was perfectly alright with me. Cereal, shower, Bill was on top of the coffee this morning and made some before he headed out the door after kissing me as I stood in the shower. I puttered about after eating my cereal and sat with a cuppa in front of the computer checking my emails and death notices to get a leg up on Harpy. Harpy and I stay in contact a lot of the time by trying to be the first of a celebrity death.

It’s been busy lately, a lot of celebrities have been dropping off. One of the Funk Brothers, was what I had gotten the last time I believe, not a name but a musical person of note. Harpy trumped that with Frankie Laine. Work has been ok. Not stressing it going in and not stressing it going home. So it’s a good thing. There was a problem with Olga the Russian bookkeeper and office manager. I had asked her about insurance since after one month I am eligible. I have to pay for half of the benefits and if Bill was included he’d be in for full price, 400 and change every month.

I tell you with the headaches that Wanker Banker gave me they had an excellent health plan which I didn’t have to pay for and Bill was included in it. That bummed me out for a while this afternoon. One more of the things that made Wanker Banker a good place to work. If only for the people. They got rid of the Persian Bitch a few months after I left and Fat Ass who was another thorn in my side just started a new job following her asshole administrator to some Euro bank with four consonants as their logo.

I listened to some mash ups after work on the iPod that I downloaded last night from the blog listed in the blogroll as jockohomo/datapanik. Pretty good mash ups all together. A good part of listening to mash ups is trying to figure out what song is mixed in and from where. It’s listed under Girl Talk. Another interesting thing, at least to me was I was listening to a playlist on the iPod at work during some downtime, Soul Hits of the 70’s. Love’s Theme by the Love Unlimited Orchestra was on, produced by Barry White.

I was reading on this day in history,
Barry Whites Love Unlimited Orchestra received a gold record for the disco hit, “Loves Theme.”

Just as I was listening to the same song. I got a kick out of it, as I’m so sure you would too.