Daily Archives: February 3, 2007

Yesterday, Once More

Well it’s Saturday and for that I am grateful. I slept until 8:00, after nodding off around midnight. A nice eight hours of sleep. Woke up fully rested, showered, had a cup of coffee and checked email before I headed out into the world. I walked by Mr. L’s the barbershop on the corner and seeing my Barber Tony’s chair vacant I went in and sat down. He asks me about how the new job is going and I tell him how it’s been going. Just your usual haircut small talk.

I got a decent haircut. A bit shorter than I expected but I think it will look good once it starts growing out. I walked up to Washington Street after that and got my bagels and newspapers and came home to a nice breakfast as Bill puttered about getting ready for his rehearsal and voice lesson. I watched some TV and decided to attempt to take out the old cd burner and install the dvd burner that Rand suggested. It took a little while but I was successfully able to do the switch in about a half hour. And here I thought I was helplessly incompetent regarding matters like these. It only took two calls to Rand.

Then I did some laundry and tried to figure out the new things on my computer. All these bells and whistles, such as this program. You see, when I write this each day, I used to write it on Microsoft Word, then post it into Word Press. Now I use the OpenOffice.org Writer program since Rand removed the MS Word program. Apparently it wasn’t a legitimate version. I could’ve sworn it was, but Rand knows best in matters such as this. Most of the commands and prompts are the same and it’s free.

I got tired of doing computer stuff so I decided to take a walk. I stopped by the third floor and asked Stine if she was up for a walk to the Burlington Coat Factory. She couldn’t since she was in the middle of starting to create a model for work. She’s working for Julio’s cousin, Anna who is an architect. She had the blueprints and thin sheets of foam core boards and the computer had the designs but she was struggling with how to make a 3D representation. I wished her well and headed out into the tundra.

I walked up towards Washington Street and gave Rand a call to see if he wanted to go out for a walk but he was in the middle of many things. So I walked around listening to the Arcade Fire’s new cd, Neon Bible. Juan got it after it was online. It’s very good and dense and deep. Wish I knew what they were singing but it’s really good, a perfect step after the great Funeral. I don’t know when the official release but I’m looking forward to it. I told Juan that when they come to town again, we definitely have to go see them. He agreed.