I Against I

A pretty decent day. I almost wrote ‘good’ but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. I moseyed on in this morning, feeling alright. It was bagel and muffin and fresh fruit day. I knew I’d be sated. And I was also invited to a farewell lunch for a woman who was leaving the firm to become a nurse. Quite noble, that Danielle Tane. She’s really a sweet, good person.

After a few bagels, a muffin and some fresh fruit, I went over to a restaurant, Tao on 58th Street. A very hip restaurant, and eleven cool people that I’m associated with. I used to work with these people but they had spun off into a separate venture from the nut jobs I work for. And they are doing quite well. Lunch was great and alcohol free, which was fine by me. I certainly would not want to have a few drinks and then go back to that place.

And it was all on someone else’s dime. It’s even better when it’s someone I actually like and get along with. Went back to work and noticed an usually large amount of bagels and muffins that were going to waste. If no one was going to eat them, then they’d be thrown out.

So, as I’ve done in the past, I got some zip lock bags, and packed up about 10 bags of muffins and bagels. Then I got the Ipod and walked to St. Bart’s for their food kitchen. I do this every now and then. It would be such a waste with so many people going hungry and these essences of capitalism that I work for just letting food get thrown out. It’s also a good excuse to get away from the office.

The city was looking pretty good around 3PM today. Somewhat sunny, or rather, not as cloudy. Interpret at will.

Had a nice talk with a coworker from IT who is seriously considering giving up computer technology and becoming a doctor. Is this a theme? Good people that I work with, leaving this Babylon and becoming doctors and nurses? How does this bode for my future?

Oh I really don’t think I’d be suited for a life in the fields of medicine. I’m too much of a hypochondriac I think. I enjoy reading articles by Oliver Sacks in The New Yorker. He also wrote the book, ‘Awakenings’ which became a movie with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams. He also wrote, ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat’ about how people start to misidentify things they see everyday. Fun, huh?

I love his articles and they usually involve impairments of people’s minds. Neurological afflictions. Totally engrossing. So much so, that I start to think I have the thing that he’s talking about. And then there’s the media saturation of various ailments and pandemics that rage on.

A career in medicine? No, I don’t think so. I also don’t have the patience. But what could I do instead of whatever it is I’m doing now? The first step is to identify that you are doing something. I am presently writing this. I don’t want to paste my resume here anyhow.

I met Bill after work and walked to the Path, smoking our cigars. We walked past the skating rink in Bryant Park. We both agree that skating is not for us. Too cold, and ankle bending. Now he’s in bed, where I’ll join him after I read my new Mojo magazine, a monthly treasure.

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  1. juAAAn

    one time, in central park

    i watched a foreign lady fall on the ice.
    and i laughed.

    about thirty seconds later, EMS came to get her and I felt really shitty.

    true story.

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