Daily Archives: January 19, 2006

Born Under Punches (the heat goes on)

Bill is on the mend. I’ll say it again, Bill is on the mend. Today was ok for me, not the best, nor the worst. Merely a day that I will never see the likes of again. Fine by me, no hard feelings. No big deal either.

A stupid day. It was also a fun day. Work was dumb as usual, usual ratchet faces screwing about. Had a plan to have some cigars at a cigar bar with an auditor from a company that is auditing the monkey heads I work for. I’ve hung out with one auditor, Dante who is really cool. Former marine, happily married and the father of what seems to be a two year old.

If he wasn’t 2 of those things I’d be erotically interested, but he’s a good guy to have some drinks and some cigars with. He was with another auditor and a friend, all from Los Angeles. The plan to go to Club Macanudo, sight of a romantic Valentine’s Day way back when, was waylaid when Dante’s friend Jim, all 6’8” of him wore jeans and could not gain admission. Dress code nonsense. So we strolled across town, skirting Central Park, headed for the Carnegie Club.

They granted us admission, Dante, his partner David and Dante’s friend Jim. We sat down, the club somewhat crowded, a nice spot in Manhattan where people can smoke. If you want to smoke a cigar, you’d best be prepared to buy an over priced cigar since they have to have a certain percentage of tobacco sales in order to qualify for Cigar Bar status.

They all ordered Scotch and wines, I had a Heineken. I picked out a La Gloria Cubana, made in the Dominican Republic of course, Dante had a Padron, and David had a Hyde Park. Jim wasn’t smoking, but not judging or complaining either. It was a lot of fun, I was being funny, and they were laughing. That’s what means a lot of fun to me.

I was being myself, which for once, wasn’t such a bad thing. I can be such a raconteur. We talked about Wanker Banker and I gave some witty thumbnail sketches on some of the personalities they had interviewed. I don’t think any laws were broken, compliance-wise.

It was more like, “oh that guy who we interviewed today, hostile and belligerent” Oh that must be, Klaus Strychnine. Looks like Pugsley Addams. “Yes! That’s it! I told you he looked like someone!”

We also talked about movies, I being the only one who saw Brokeback Mountain, had them in tears after my synopsis and they wound up making major contributions to Marriage Equality and Lambda Legal.

Jim was meeting his girlfriend, and Dante and David decided to get some dinner. I opted for Bokeyland, to see Bill who is almost 100% back to health. Got 2 crappy slices on Washington Street and walked home playing the remastered Remain In Light by Talking Heads.

Can’t seem to get past side A though.

Had most of the crappy slices and talked on the phone with Rand who is busy with work. Had a talk with Bill about Valentine’s Day, and the ghost of the past year or so. We recognize the ghost and wrestle with it, bite it, kick it, and try to heal from the wounds it has inflicted on us. So it’s battle with the intangible but with feelings involved. He gets hurt, I get hurt, we question.

We’re almost at 100% back. We are on the mend.