Daily Archives: January 25, 2006

The Listening Wind

I need to discipline myself to go to sleep earlier. The day was bookended by crabby feelings. A charming neuroses. There is the ongoing struggle with the people next door throwing their garbage in our cans. Now for some that is nothing, one should be glad they throw things in cans, but it does make the moving of the cans that much heavier.

This morning, after bottle recycling the night before, I reached in the garbage and removed a bunch of bottles and placed them in their driveway. I then scurried away after making sure I didn’t get any crap on my suit. I have to admit my fire is sometimes fueled by my neighbor, Claire’s antagonism towards the residents next door.

At work there was class in the form of Carla visiting NYC from London. Always a pleasure to speak with her, the accent is such that I would basically do anything she asked. She’s been encouraging me to visit London this year, saying she’d show me around. Basically I want to do a Beatles tour of London and visit the galleries and museums.

I have to ask Chaz about places to stay. He is closer to my budget than an English office manager and could probably recommend some decent cheap flat to stay in. Everyone tells me I should travel and I am starting to listen. Bill has even gone to London and wants to take me. Meaning accompany me, not necessarily buy me a ticket.

I would definitely love to go experience another culture though there would be the head start of knowing the language. Denmark would be swell too. Amsterdam seems to be a real destination. Bill had planned on going there years ago, but needed to cancel his trip when he jacked up his knee.

Today I downloaded Mellow Man Ace ‘Mentirosa’ the extended version, Mad Lion ‘Take it Easy’ and Lisa Stansfield “Change’ and ‘All Around the World’. Listened to deep deep DUB from Tappa Zukie. Been a while since I played some Blood and Fire Dub plates, and even longer since I played it without red eyes. Dub on headphones still affects my equilibrium, where I lean while walking in whatever direction the bass is pushing me.

Now Jamie Foxx is on NBC. Catching the last few minutes. I forgot all about it. I like Jamie Foxx, he is really talented. Funny man and decent singer. I got a few emails from some Afro centric groups I subscribe to stating that NBC isn’t promoting it, scheduling it against American Idiot. That is nonsense. I doubt there is a conspiracy to silence Jamie Foxx. And if there was it wasn’t successful since it’s being aired right now anyway.

From what I see it’s a throw back to 1970’s variety shows that were quite commonplace.
Like Flip Wilson or even Andy Williams or Cher. Jamie’s emoting and humming as he sings about his grandmother who raised him. Nice. He seems like a nice guy. I could hang with him. But could he hang with me?

Well I caught the last 5 minutes of the show. It was nice. He’s really a fortunate man to be able to have an Oscar, the number one record in the country and a special on TV.

Shout out to Julio for reminding me about crunch time.

It’s a strange world Jeffery.