Daily Archives: January 10, 2006

Tick Tock

It really makes a difference when the sun is up when I wake up. Not that it was up this morning when I woke. It just gets harder to get out of bed. So much easier to sleep. But I had to stir, get out of bed after hitting the snooze button three times, equaling 30 minutes. The only time I listen to the radio, unless it’s my brother’s show on WFMU, is for about 30 seconds Monday through Friday. And it’s whatever the classical station is, maybe WQXR.

Walked to the bus, playing the Ramones. That was fun. Of course, too rowdy for a morning bus ride. Got into the city, where I switched over to Katrina and the Waves. Power pop that I got over the weekend with Bill prodding me to treat myself. Of course, like most cd’s I play, they get uploaded into Itunes and then into the Ipod and I never play the cd again.

This is the future, for now.

Had a good walk, finished up with Fatboy Slim, and left me thinking about how I’d might like to go dancing sometime with Bill. Bill does love to dance, and I was quite the dancing fool at my sister in law Karen’s party in December. So apparently I can do this, but the thing is, Bill and I would actually be able to dance with each other. We’ve had some dancing around the apartment. It would be inevitable with all the music that exists between the two of us.

All different types of music. Even Heavy Metal, which I got when I worked with Metallica years ago. Never really played it more than once. Barely used. Avoided all the right people as well.

Spoke with brother Frank on the phone about therapy. He has a lot of experience with it, and a good friend of his is a psychotherapist. Frank had the suggestion of perhaps getting another counselor since we obviously didn’t mesh. I agreed and mentioned it to Bill who thinks that perhaps a gay male counselor would be the best since we wouldn’t have to explain various gay things.

Which ate up some time last night. It’s weird. I was looking forward, if that’s possible to going to therapy, and Bill was resistant. Then afterwards, I was not as keen on it as I thought I would be, and Bill certainly was. A transference. We talked about it when we got home, very civil talk. It was a rough day for me that’s for sure.

I got through it with a lot of Bill’s help. Today wasn’t so bad, so I didn’t call as often as I did the day before. I don’t want to sound corny, but he’s getting to be like music to me. So much for tonight’s posting having an edge. Too tired to bite or even growl. Let this sleeping dog lie.

And Jon Stewart was the perfect tonic to the high wire act of yesterday.