Daily Archives: January 17, 2006

Day Dreaming

Back to work today. Not so bad though. Juan headed back to Trenton, Julio came back to the States and Bill has flu like symptoms if not the actual flu. I didn’t have that bad a morning, and I made sure Bill would have what he might need throughout the day. He’s been run down, working and the drastic change of temperature over the weekend hit him with a whammy.

Coughing up colors, which is actually a good thing since his body is expelling whatever viral things have taken up residence in his chest. I missed yet another bus but really didn’t care, another one appeared soon after. Decided on taking the train with Juan mentioning earlier that he hoped my subway wouldn’t be blown up. Nice sentiment, especially since it didn’t blow up.

It felt like a Monday but it was actually a Tuesday. So I expect to lag behind a day until Saturday. Four day work week’s rock. Caught up on the drama that coworkers went through over the weekend. Some inconsequential, some sad. Called Bill to let him know I had made it to work safe and sound. He sounded weak and tired. His fever has been fluctuating between 99 and 102.

I planned on a visit to the Post Office but it didn’t look like it was going to happen. A bit cold out through most of the day. Talked to a coworker about the shingles he is suffering from. Had them bad enough that he went to the emergency room. I told him how I solved my shingles problem a while ago with urine. It worked, the shingles were gone within days and they never came back.

He didn’t seem shocked by my solution. He did seem shocked when I offered to pee on him.

No, I didn’t really offer to pee on him. I’m not that kinky.

Had the chicken, pesto and penne lunch. Heavy and a bit pricey but keeps me sated throughout the afternoon. Spoke to my brother Frank on the phone. He’s pushing the counseling. I haven’t given up on it, not at all. It’s just that Bill and I would be more comfortable with a gay person rather than Carol Howell, who we had to explain a lot of things to.

It’s funny, when I had discussed my previous therapy with Frank, he mentioned that I should’ve simply gotten a different therapist. Now that Bill and I are doing that, Frank is making me feel like it’s the wrong move. Hey for me it’s either this or nothing. The woman simply made me feel that uncomfortable. And Barbara the woman who seems to run the Washington Square Institute tried laying a guilt trip on me when I discussed this over the phone.

She felt I should tell Carol Howell myself. I told her that I didn’t want to, that she should do it. So presently we are on hold until they could find a gay person to be our counselor. It could take some time according to Barbara. If it takes too long we’ll simply take our neuroses somewhere else. Somewhere gay. Maybe San Francisco. That would be cool.

Or Amsterdam. Julio and Stine had gone to Amsterdam on their honeymoon and I saw the pictures with Julio the other night. He also sent me an email with a photo of a flyer showing they have psilocybin on sale. That could be an excellent couples therapy medication. Maybe Terrance McKenna can write a prescription.

Also a shout out to my lawyer pal, who gave me some really good advice this weekend…