Daily Archives: January 27, 2006

Planet Rock

Another cold day. I decided to dress up since I was going to meet Bill and his coworkers after work. Walked to work listening to the Beastie Boys, Section 25, Pop Will Eat Itself and Colourbox all quite enjoyable and with great beats to walk around Manhattan to.

Work as usual was nonsensical. Which was fine. I was through with most of my tasks by midday. Even went shopping on Madison Avenue with one of the good guys, Ahsen from IT. It was his Third Anniversary and was going to have dinner with the wife. He’s a great guy, very nice, down to earth and gives me great insight to Muslim culture and Islam.

Of course every discussion with him about religion includes me saying, “Well you know what I think about that.” Meaning my atheism. He respects that and doesn’t preach. He can be pretty deep and philosophical. We discussed the current Middle East situations as we strolled up Madison Avenue at high noon.

Waked in BCBG Macadamia and waited forever for an elevator that could barely hold Ahsen & myself. We were fortunate that the shop girl riding with us was able to fit between the closed doors. I saw an uber-twink with a waist of something in the low 20’s and absolutely no ass, but all attitude. And why not? Working retail on Madison Avenue must be the pinnacle of employment for some.

The afternoon flew by after that. It suddenly became 5:30, time for me to fly through the doors and not look back. I looked forward to meeting Bill’s coworkers. Bill has met enough of my friends and coworkers, finally I get the chance to meet his. I walked around meandering so I could get the most out of my ritual of smoking a Padron 5000 natural after work.

Rocking the Ipod on a pleasant evening, smoking a good cigar, and going to meet my man at the end of the work day. Sweet.

Bill met me outside Figaro on west 44th street as I finished my cigar. Gave him a kiss and we walked in. Met the first of many people whose name I can’t remember. They were all nice and friendly. A typical welcoming afterwork crowd on a Friday in Manhattan. Very diverse and enjoyable. Had some of Bill’s personal pizza and a few pints. Bill also had a few pints and we both buzzed home on the Path to Hoboken.

After watching Law And Order something or other and with the prospect of watching another episode immediately following, I suggested a movie, and Bill was game. He had never seen Annie Hall. He loved it, I loved it again. One problem though, the segment that has Alvy and Annie on the rooftop after playing tennis, where they’re talking and there are subtitles saying what they are actually thinking, well the subtitles were gone. Strange. Because that’s what made the scene, since they are both prattling on pretentiously.

But it still is a classic regardless. Or is it irregardless?

And Bill just keeps on surprising me. And then some.