Daily Archives: December 27, 2007

I Hope I Never

Well I just woke up from a two part nap. First part was exhausting and concerned a dream involving Zombies. The zombies were unseen but you just know they were lurking around the corner. And the zombies had help with one of our own, someone who I think was modeled after Richard Marty, someone I went to grammar school with years ago, and I haven’t seen him since 1971. According to my unconscious mind, Richard is lithe and very effeminate, besides being a zombie collaborator. Still had the horned rimmed glasses, but none of the humor he possessed when he was a lad. He was actually like a more evil Doctor Smith from Lost In Space.

It was a Ten Little Indians scenario, we were all being picked off one by one in a huge warehouse (looking like the Nostromo from Alien) that had a room that looked like the bar at the VFW where I grew up, Post 3484. I was preparing to evacuate but I couldn’t find my bag, which if you know me, know that I always have the bag nearby. I placed it down as the zombies were approaching and I couldn’t find it. Not that I really needed it, there was nothing as far as I knew in it to stop the zombies. I think it had more vampiric weapons which were ineffective anyhow.

And of course I violated one of the primary rules from the Zombie Survival Guide by dilly dallying looking for unneeded things. I eventually escaped and made my way down a very long stair case, running down half a dozen steps at a time. Then I woke up, signifying the end of part one. I went and had some water, feeling exhausted and proceeded to go back to sleep. I thought I’d be back in the zombie dream again, but I think it was in turnaround and I found myself in a dreamland where I didn’t know what was going on and so went unremembered.

After that uneventful sleep I woke up to find the cable was out, so no TV, and also no Internet. Of course the first thought I had was about zombies. Perhaps while sleeping they attacked the television stations or at least the Cablevision headquarters knocking out the cable. No screaming in the distance which is always a good thing. And there’s no reports of zombies crawling up and down Hudson county, but they’re broadcasting from Manhattan, unaffected and probably wouldn’t report it if given a choice between a puppy dog licking someone’s face or a zombie attack.

Seriously though, they are reporting on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, in Pakistan, and also the tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo (that seems out of 12 Monkeys). Cable still out, watching fuzzy screened broadcast TV. That bunker mentality. Well it doesn’t look like there is a zombie attack, so I’m making dinner instead of stocking up on provisions. Foolhardy, perhaps, but I am hungry.

Cable back on, still zombie free.