Daily Archives: December 3, 2007

Under Stars

Back to work today. Woke up and didn’t want to tempted to take the day off, but decided against it. I do have close to two weeks vacation coming towards me, and was planning to take off the last week of the year like I did last year, but someone has to go in and it fell to me to be that someone. Not that I was going anywhere. It’s on my terms, the going in that is. I’ll be in two half days, making that one whole day, maybe. The office is only going to be open Wednesday and Thursday anyhow, no biggie. Same for the following week, when I’ll be in two half days. In theory I plan on bringing in all this crap in the apartment and shred it at work on the heavy duty shredder. Yeah, that’s the plan, lug it across state lines and shred shred shred the hours away.

But that’s not now, that’s later so I’ll deal with it later. Last night yesterday was so mellow it was almost forgettable. Watched TV of course, mainly 60 Minutes which was informative naturally. Christians in Iraq, hiding and worshiping much like the early Christians in Rome I suppose. Then there was the guy who wants to give every child in the world a lap top. He wasn’t too happy since there were other CEO’s planning on doing the same thing for humanitarian reasons of course. Then came the Will Smith interview. He’s a likable fellow, I don’t hate him, like I hate Morgan Freeman. I just hate Morgan Freeman since everyone else seems to like him, in reality I do like him. How could I not? That would be like hating Jimmy Stewart and this time of year, it’s not the thing to do, what with It’s A Wonderful Life coming up for broadcast soon enough. I invested in a few boxes of tissues for when that event comes around.

I heard from Chaz today, he asked me if I wanted to go see Sly and the Family Stone at BB King’s Nightclub. I said, For Free? And Chaz responded that it would be an early Christmas present, all I would have to buy him a beer. Not a problem, I’ll buy him two beers, maybe three if Sly Stone or Sylvester Stewart actually shows up. Maybe taking Friday off won’t be so bad, I’ll be able to chill out and see the show after relaxing all day. We’ll see about that. Last night Harpy called me to tell me about a good documentary on Don Rickles on HBO.

I caught most of it until it was time to catch Dexter. That’s getting convoluted plot wise, Dexter showed some actual anger and finished with the thinking that he actually killed his adopted father and must have blacked it out. Oops! That’s a spoiler. The only one who actually reads this blog and knows about Dexter is Harpy and he’s read the books that the show is based upon so I don’t think I’m giving anything away. Soon after that I was asleep, waking up at the beginning of this entry.