Daily Archives: December 12, 2007

Rocket 88

Well I almost didn’t write this tonight. Not because I’m tired, because I am, but because the cable was out. No TV and no Internet service provided. Now it’s back on and I’m seizing this opportunity to get this down before the cable goes out again. Last night was more mellowness. Bill came home to get some sleep. His father was sent home today from the hospital so Bill is going to be spending more time there. We watched TV until Law and Order The Olivia Show came on. It was a repeat and I called it within the first minute. It took Bill about 40 minutes to figure it out, obviously he has other things on his mind and obviously I have very little on my mind.

Bill scampered off to bed after that, I watched the news (all bad) and a little bit of Scrubs before I turned in. Bill sounded like he was sawing through concrete he was snoring so loudly. I had to wake him up and get him to stop, perhaps shift his position, that worked and he was soon fast asleep. I guess not having any caffeine in your diet can enable you to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow like Bill does. I’ve cut back on my caffeine consumption and yet still I can’t fall asleep like that. I’m not about to give up the caffeine so don’t even suggest it, you.

I woke up to Bill kissing me good bye yet again and I started my day showering, getting caffeinated and headed out the door. There was an invite to a party at the Carnegie Club, a posh cigar bar on 56th street and I dressed accordingly. That was supposed to start at 7:30 and since I get out at 5:00 it didn’t seem likely but there was always the opportunity just in case. There’s also another party at the same place next week and perhaps I’ll be ready for it then rather than now. I was inundated at work with many tasks, most of them involving Greg Stevens which was fine. I do like the guy, he likes me. I think he’s looking out for me.

The atmosphere is a bit tense lately, deals being worked on, it’s the end of the year crunch time. When I was at Wanker Banker there were so many people it was easy to avoid such things, but where I am now, there’s only 10 of us and there’s nowhere to hide. There was something that got under my skin though. It started at home when I read the office emails before I went in. Vivek sent me an email regarding my getting something for Mary for her work and for the holidays. He didn’t want me to pressure people and would rather the company got Mary something or nothing.

The idea of me putting pressure on these people is amazing. There’s 10 of us like I said. A few weeks ago I sent out an email asking for people’s In Case of Emergency contacts also known as ICE. Got four responses. Most of my suggestions and requests are often ignored by more than a couple of people so the concept of me putting pressure on people who when they see my emails, instantly delete them. I didn’t say anything but I certainly wasn’t happy about it. And dealing with vendors and other people was taxing as well. Things that should have been delivered weren’t. Shit like that. Of course I took it personally. Things lightened up as the day wore on and I decided to try to have as little contact as possible with certain coworkers. Things will be better tomorrow, this much I know. And now I’m home, chillaxin.

Ike Turner died. Tina Turner was seen dancing wildly in a cemetery.