Daily Archives: December 5, 2007

Evidently Chickentown

Well it’s Wednesday which for me taking Friday off makes it a Thursday. It works out fine if you don’t look at a calendar. Right now, it’s snowy and damp and cold. Good night to stay indoors that’s for sure. Work was pretty good today, a bit busy, a few errands, everyone seemed to be in good moods. I’ve decided Greg Stevens doesn’t need me to work his party tomorrow, not through anything bad, just that he doesn’t want to waste my time. That works for me, though I still expect a call from him needing my help which I will supply. He has until 5:00 tomorrow then I’m gone.

Taking Friday off to chill and see Sly and the Family Stone possibly on Friday night at BB King’s Nightclub. It’s ‘possibly’ since Sly has a habit of not showing up. Last night Bill was home, here in Hoboken trying to sync up his iTouch. Law and Order: ♫The Olivia Show♪ was on last night. A pretty good convoluted show featuring Method Man as the big bad villain and he certainly was. If he acts, he should stick to comedy though. He can be an imposing thug, but his delivery of the lines was just so so.

Bill’s father may be released form the hospital and sent home, provided they can get a hospital bed in the apartment. Bill’s father is doing better in the hospital than in the nursing home where he was wasting away. He seems to be more on track now that he’s under observation, enough to go home by the weekend. The other day I watched My Favorite Year, starring Peter O’Toole. A really good movie, yet at the end I was getting chocked up, as if I was watching anime.

Why was I getting choked up? It’s a fictional story, based on Sid Caesar and Your Show of Shows, with Peter O’Toole playing an Errol Flynn in case you hadn’t seen it. It really is a funny movie, but it’s someone else’s nostalgia. So why the lump in the throat? Perhaps it’s because I had gotten the movie on VHS as a gift for my mother, or it’s just so wistful at the end with Mark Lynn Baker narrating from the future, about how he likes to remember Alan Swann.

It’s the same effect when I watch Radio Days by Woody Allen which takes place about ten years before My Favorite Year, only this time it’s Woody Allen wistfully narrating. I should just be glad it’s not anime or I would be bawling my eyes out.

Yesterday was my sister in law Karen’s birthday which I remembered and called only to find she wasn’t home. Then I got an email from Annemarie reminding me so I called and got her. Today is the other sister in law, Elaine’s birthday. I have the alarm set on my cellphone to call so I’ll be ready. Just sitting here and instead of waiting for the phone to ring, I’m waiting to make a call. Is it Friday yet?

I added a video clip last night a while after posting. It’s called My Patch by Jim Noir, and it’s also the music for a Target holiday commercial. I love the song (reminds me a bit of For You Blue by the Fabs) and worth scrolling down to last night’s entry if you haven’t checked it out yet. It’s worth checking out again, it’s pretty funny. That damn chicken!