Daily Archives: December 22, 2007

You Got Lucky

Well it’s Saturday and I’m back down to earth. Consigned to whatever fate has in store for me, I’ll just grin and smile. Presently I’m exhausted from working at Farfetched. Woke up around 4:00AM with a sneezing attack which set the tone for an allergy attack all day long. Not feeling ill, just a quadrant of my head filled with mucous trying to get out the only way possible, through my right nostril. Don’t know what started it, just felt like something flew up my nose and set up camp making my day very uncomfortable.

It was pretty bad, I was fine most of the time while working at Farfetched but when I had to actually help a customer, that’s when the drip would start. I saw myself in the mirror and it was visible at the tip of my nose. I took an antihistamine before I left the apartment and hoped for the best but it didn’t do anything. I was hoping it would dry me out but it didn’t. Or maybe it did. Maybe it would have been a lot worse if I didn’t take the pill. Susan gave me one of her sinus medications but it didn’t work that well either.

It was busy enough in the store to make the day go past rather quickly. Harpy manning the iPod and being the holiday DJ though I got my chance and played the first three Beatles albums, which everyone liked. It’s fun to see a few customers singing along quietly as they shopped. The Fabs usually stir up happy memories during the holidays. At least they do for me. Susan and Harpy left like last week around 6:00 leaving Lois and myself to run the store. It had quieted down somewhat, one guy looking like Michael McDonald obsessing over one card.

He asked if he could have something wrapped. The store policy is only for items bought at Farfetched, but since it was slow and I had nothing else to do besides wipe my nose I told him I would wrap his gift. He pulled out a first edition Norman Mailer book and I set about wrapping it up, though I was more focused on my nose. I was able to wrap the book and he was most appreciative, offering to buy me a drink after work. I begged off, saying that I was just heading home. He understood and thanked me for saving his Christmas. I couldn’t bear to sit in a bar and listen to Ya Mo Be There all night long anyway.

After work I just had a Padron and walked up to the Path station at 33rd street so I could get a seat, after enjoying a cigar. The nose is better now, not running like it was earlier. Got off the train in Hoboken, walking past holiday parties, people outside of bars smoking on the street. Good to be home. I’m sure I’ll sleep really well tonight, since I am so very exhausted.

Happy Pagan Holiday!