Daily Archives: December 11, 2007

You Left The Water Running

Well today was a little bit better than yesterday and isn’t that sometimes the case? I almost wrote always the case, but we all know that sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I think there are meetings planned to discuss bonuses for the office. I’m hoping big since that was offhandedly mentioned when I met Vivek back in March, but I’d be happy with anything, since I screwed myself out of a bonus last year. Last year was McMann and Tate and I was desperately unhappy, running off on interviews. I got a job at Golden Staffing and gave my notice to the wolf men at McMann and Tate.

Then I went to their holiday party hoping to get the bonus there, waiting all through the holidays for nothing at all. They don’t give bonuses to people that quit. Didn’t really matter I got properly wasted and didn’t tell anyone off, though some purses were stolen and I bet they thought I did it, but I saw who did it. I didn’t realize it at the time though. I did see a few party crashers and since it wasn’t my party, nor my company anymore I didn’t say anything. It’s too bad because some nice people, got ripped off. Juan was extremely good enough to drive into the city and pick me up where we came back to Hoboken and continued partying.

This week Bill’s company, The Really Large Law Firm are having their holiday party on Thursday. I’ve heard about the party from Bill over the past years and he’s always raving about what a good time it is. Unfortunately outsiders aren’t invited. Bill is planning on sneaking me in, me showing up on Bill’s floor then going down to the party which is in their cafeteria. It’s a really nice cafeteria, on the 37th floor overlooking Times Square in a building designed by Frank Gehry. So it’s not you average cafeteria which usually brings forth memories of high schools or warehouses. At least that’s what comes forth when I think about cafeterias.

I hope Bill doesn’t get into trouble. His coworkers are excited to meet me. I hope it works out, I look forward to seeing Bill flipping and flopping on the dance floor. It’s a fun yet scary sight. A lot like a roller coaster, fun yet scary. And the food is supposed to be excellent, so maybe I’ll just make an appearance. I’ve started taking up a collection for Mary the temp receptionist. Her last day is Friday and it being the holiday season I thought a little cash or a gift card would be nice for the holidays and perhaps even help with the upcoming birth of her child.

I sent an email out to my fellow coworkers, letting them know that I’m doing this. So far I got 10 dollars. Maybe things will get better on Friday which is payday. I suppose getting something is way better than getting nothing and since she is a temp, they don’t get bonuses and this should help her out, no matter how much she gets.

Here’s something fun!