Daily Archives: December 10, 2007


Well it was back to work today, three days off was refreshing but of course I had to go back in. There was some trepidation of course, because of my fucking up last week, making this morning uneasy, but I got through it and got over it. I had a pretty good weekend after all. Last night was quiet too, Bill came home and we watched 60 Minutes and King of the Hill, then Dexter which was pretty good and really knows how to work a cliffhanger and last night was a cliffhanger for sure. Soon Bill was asleep and I was not long for the world of the aware.

Before I did that I made a cd for Tom Chin who mentioned that he would like a cd of the type of music that I like so that was a pleasant way to kill some time. I also have to get started on cd’s for Annemarie, but that doesn’t have to go out until after Christmas since the won’t be in California at that time. Gives me a few extra days which is nice. Relatively pressure free. Christmas is fast approaching and whatever cheer I had a few weeks ago has waned somewhat. Nothing in particular reduced the cheer, just haven’t felt it really. I’m sure working at Farfetched the next two Saturdays could change all that, but that’s dicey. It could go either way, I might be in the spirit, or I could just loathe everyone and wish it all over.

That’s what used to happen. I would just dread it so much and then have a good time on the holidays, then regret my antagonism. So I can’t really say how it would turn out though I am hoping for the best. Really I am. Last week I heard from Darren Shones, a name from my past and obviously changed to protect the innocent. His latest story is that he’s in Italy with his wife and kid. Prior to that he was in Harlem with the mother of his kid. Could it be he has two kids? I wouldn’t be surprised, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than two, knowing what a globetrotter Darren can be. He used to work with a friend of mine, Gino West who I used to work with.

Gino was one of those people, the other, Kevin McBean who were my friends and knew I was gay, but being gay was abstract, and when I introduced Gino to Bill, it was good bye Gino, having seen my being gay as no longer abstract but seeing it as focused and it disgusted him. Still being the forgiving type I’d still be glad to call Gino my friend. A little misguided and who knows what Darren filled his head with about me. Perhaps Darren told Gino that I attempted to rape him. That was a story Darren told a neighbor when I was trying to help him out when he was evicted from the loft that he stopped paying rent in.

Regarding that neighbor, Darren told me he got her pregnant and since she was an observant Muslim she wouldn’t get an abortion. So he dumped two friends, one he was fucking, the other he was accusing of being fucked by. Oh that Darren, sowing his seeds and his lies around the globe. And Kevin McBean from Mobius Strip, a crap hard rock band, well I heard he had fallen off the face of the earth and into another woman’s open pocketbook. Perhaps next time I get stuck with what to write, I’ll just gossip and change the names, to protect me. Whee!

Here’s something YouTube
From the official Imagine Peace website at http://www.imaginepeace.com, it features some archive footage of John and Yoko along with the entire music video for “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”.

Download the “War Is Over” poster from http://imaginepeace.com/downloads/War… Put it on a window, place it in your workplace, car, school, street, etc.