Daily Archives: September 4, 2008

Uncontrollable Urge

Oh it was a scorcher today. 90 degrees. Me? I wore a long sleeved shirt for some odd reason. Didn’t go out much. On Thursdays I used to walk up to 57th street and treat myself to a Penne, Pesto and Chicken lunch. Well that place went out of business. Closed.

One week they were open, next week they’re closed. Maybe they didn’t know either. Rents on 57th street must be through the roof, perhaps that’s why they went out of business.

Today I tried a different place, same dish and it was so incredibly lackluster. The pasta was over cooked, more like cylindrical paste. It was cheaper than the now closed place, but it was a chore to finish it off.

Last night Bill came home and ate and went to bed soon after that. I had the republican convention on and let me tell you, I dislike Sarah Palin. No solutions, just attack attack attack. The republicans have no platform to forward, just more of the same. She’s a tacky thing that Sarah Palin. Also the put down of community organizers was in bad form.

Wasn’t Jesus a community organizer? And wasn’t Pontius Pilate a governor? Oh well, I guess when you have George Bush’s scriptwriters writing for you, you don’t have much say in what comes out of your mouth, or in Sarah Palin’s case, what goes into the mouth as well.

Even the republican talking heads have been heard commenting on how they think this is a cynical move by McCrazy and the choice of Sarah Palin was nothing but bullshit that could bring them down. One could only hope.

I chatted in a bitchy gay intellectual chat room during the runner up to Miss Alaska’s speech. Yes they were mean and bitchy and also very funny. More adept at ignoring the trolls than I am. I always go after the trolls.

Four years ago I was on fire, fighting a troll from Paramus in a chat room. My friends in the chat room kept telling me to ignore this mutton disguised as lamb, but I couldn’t let the filth go by without attacking. I like to think I learned my lesson and ignore the lesion.

I guess it will be like this until the election. I don’t see how some people could complain about the ‘liberal’ media when Brian Williams and his crowd are all sporting wood for Cotton Hill. Except for Katie Couric who is flashing high beams.

And once again The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have the best reporting on the convention as well as the campaign. Do yourself a favor and go to Comedy Central online and watch their full episodes. Do it! Do it NOW!

Tonight is finally the last night of the undertakers convention, I mean, the republican convention. So much sugar, and so few ants in the sugar bowl. I also have to give Julio and Stine their mail which means I might get to see Alexander. I heard he’s changed.