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Tiny Dancer

It’s a Friday. A wet Friday at that. Just Bill and myself last night, Juan back at school. I did have a short chat with Song online in Sydney though and I wished him well then as I do now, that he aces his exam. Roda is a father again, a baby girl born this morning. Congratulations and best wishes!

Watched the usual last night with Bill, actually watched a little with Bill. He was in bed fast asleep by 9:00. It started raining last night and continued into today. It sounded like a maelstrom when Bill was kissing me goodbye at 6:00 this morning.

He advised that I stay home. I agreed and continued sleeping after getting up and emailing Vivek and Tom Chin that I wouldn’t be in. Due to flooding. Imaginary flooding, but flooding nonetheless. I went back to sleep and slept like a rock with mother nature banging trash cans up and down the street.

Around 8:30 I got out of bed again and checked my email to see if it went through ok, if there were any glitches. Tom Chin thanked me for the heads up, Vivek wondered if I am generally up at 3:45 in the morning.

I figured out that the time stamp on the email was set at PST and let him know, that on Mondays through Fridays I am generally up at 6:00. I was worried that he might think I was partying and decided not to come when the bars all closed, like my supervisor Felicia used to do when I worked for McMann and Tate, or rather Wolff Olins.

Then I went back to bed, and woke up an hour later. Still wet and miserable outside and I felt uncomfortable staying home. I also had my nephew Earl’s birthday card and present to send out. That was the main reason actually. I made it in and took the subway across town.

Tom Chin was surprised to see me. I explained that there was stuff to be done, then I wished him a happy birthday. It’s true they are quite helpless without me. I did what I had to do then had lunch and left again a few hours later.

It had stopped raining mostly and the walk across town was mildly enjoyable. Came home and wound up taking another nap. It’s really the best thing to do on a rainy day, if you can get away with it.

Now, here I am, writing again, waiting for the debates which Cotton Hill tried to postpone as well as Peggy Hill’s vice presidential debate next week. Looking forward to Barack Obama showing McCrazy who’s the boss and I don’t mean Tony Danza.

Tomorrow has something to look forward to as well, Chris Rock’s latest special on HBO. Here are some of Chris Rock’s best lines this week according to New York Magazine.

• “If this was a boxing match, McCain would be holding on to Obama.”
• “McCain jokes are easy jokes. ‘I don’t want a president with a bucket list!’ You basically take the dust off your Reagan jokes and tell them again.”
• “You got a guy that’s worth $150 million with twelve houses against a guy worth a million dollars with one house. The guy with one house really worries about losing his house — because then he’s homeless! … John McCain could lose half his houses and sleep well!”
• “[Bill Clinton’s] wife was running for president. If you give me a choice of pissing off a whole race of people or my wife, I’m sorry, I gotta piss off a whole race of people. Sorry blackies! Go eat some chicken! … Right Larry? You’ve been married twelve times, right?”
• [On the choice of Sarah Palin] “I thought Al Davis made the choice, or something. That’s how bad it was.”
• “Jason Lee has done more interviews promoting My Name Is Earl than [Sarah Palin] had to run for vice-president of the United States.”
• “[Sarah Palin is] kind of like Kim Kardashian on Dancing With the Stars. All that ass and you can’t shake it!”
• “Bin Laden did more movies last year than Sam Jackson. I think he’s in Lakeview Terrace.”
• “America is broke right now, and nobody understands broke better than black people.”

Next belly up bank: Wachovia

apologies to Mike Judge

Just who is the elitist?

This guy!

But not these two!

One more

That’s it! Good night!

Uncontrollable Urge

Oh it was a scorcher today. 90 degrees. Me? I wore a long sleeved shirt for some odd reason. Didn’t go out much. On Thursdays I used to walk up to 57th street and treat myself to a Penne, Pesto and Chicken lunch. Well that place went out of business. Closed.

One week they were open, next week they’re closed. Maybe they didn’t know either. Rents on 57th street must be through the roof, perhaps that’s why they went out of business.

Today I tried a different place, same dish and it was so incredibly lackluster. The pasta was over cooked, more like cylindrical paste. It was cheaper than the now closed place, but it was a chore to finish it off.

Last night Bill came home and ate and went to bed soon after that. I had the republican convention on and let me tell you, I dislike Sarah Palin. No solutions, just attack attack attack. The republicans have no platform to forward, just more of the same. She’s a tacky thing that Sarah Palin. Also the put down of community organizers was in bad form.

Wasn’t Jesus a community organizer? And wasn’t Pontius Pilate a governor? Oh well, I guess when you have George Bush’s scriptwriters writing for you, you don’t have much say in what comes out of your mouth, or in Sarah Palin’s case, what goes into the mouth as well.

Even the republican talking heads have been heard commenting on how they think this is a cynical move by McCrazy and the choice of Sarah Palin was nothing but bullshit that could bring them down. One could only hope.

I chatted in a bitchy gay intellectual chat room during the runner up to Miss Alaska’s speech. Yes they were mean and bitchy and also very funny. More adept at ignoring the trolls than I am. I always go after the trolls.

Four years ago I was on fire, fighting a troll from Paramus in a chat room. My friends in the chat room kept telling me to ignore this mutton disguised as lamb, but I couldn’t let the filth go by without attacking. I like to think I learned my lesson and ignore the lesion.

I guess it will be like this until the election. I don’t see how some people could complain about the ‘liberal’ media when Brian Williams and his crowd are all sporting wood for Cotton Hill. Except for Katie Couric who is flashing high beams.

And once again The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have the best reporting on the convention as well as the campaign. Do yourself a favor and go to Comedy Central online and watch their full episodes. Do it! Do it NOW!

Tonight is finally the last night of the undertakers convention, I mean, the republican convention. So much sugar, and so few ants in the sugar bowl. I also have to give Julio and Stine their mail which means I might get to see Alexander. I heard he’s changed.