Daily Archives: September 21, 2008

Computer Blues

Computer problems again. Deleting tons of photos. Clearing space for memory. I thought I deleted a lot of photos in the past but obviously I still have quite a bit. Not to mention a lot of photos were duplicated since I was too lazy to change the settings on my camera to a lower setting for the frame.

So if I have a pic that is 3225 x 2650 you can bet there is a 555 x 416 duplicated. And now a lot of pics are gone. Where do they go once you empty the recycle bin? They have to go somewhere. I know they’re still on the computer.

Last night was a nice time with Rand. I was plenty tired after riding about 40 miles and walked gingerly as I strode up Washington Street towards McSwells. Nobody I knew on the street at 8:00 which is the norm these days. It used to take me a long time since I knew a lot of people back then. Now, not so much.

After a few pints with Rand I wasn’t so achy anymore and gradually became animated somewhat. I put some money in the jukebox ensuring that for the next hour the music playing was selected by me. McSwells is a totally different scene, filled with hipsters nowadays rather than the characters of yesteryear.

Very much akin to what I hear Williamsburg is like, and like Hoboken had done in the 1980’s Williamsburg is gentrifying at a very fast pace. At least that’s what the interviews with TV on the Radio have mentioned. I haven’t been to Williamsburg in about a dozen years or so.

According to Harpy who works in the thick of Williamsburg hipsterdom, the hipsters hate to be called that. Which is all the more reason to call them hipsters, and not in the Graham Parker sense of ‘I’m the token hipster/ and you’re just the novelty set’.

Actually perhaps the hipsters are the novelty set. Watched a few Raphael Saadiq videos on the television of the past couple of hours. Such a personable and handsome guy that Raphael is. But enough about him.

I spoke with my brother Frank today who was a bit too upset about forgetting my birthday. I tried to let him know it was alright but it plays into the bigger picture of what has happened to his memory since the stroke. That would make me panicky.

I did my best to reassure him that it was ok, that I wasn’t Dad who would be greatly insulted if his birthday wasn’t recognized. I also spoke with Frank’s wife Elaine who apologized. There was no need for it.

In fact I always forget both my sister in law’s birthdays and they’re right after each other in December. I usually call Elaine and Karen on the 6th or the 7th and wish them a happy birthday only to find once again, after decades of having them in my life I still cannot get the dates right.

Rand and I parted ways after walking around Hoboken with me smoking a Padron and I was home by 11:45. Watched most of Saturday Night Live and I thought it was pretty funny. It seems they’ve taken to ending skits rather than let them peter out. That definitely makes all the difference. Kings of Leon were oksucked.

Walked around Hoboken this afternoon. Since I rode so much yesterday, staying put was nice. Finished the New Yorker, skipping the movie reviews since I’ve started reading them mostly, until after I’ve seen the movie.

this was posted on Bill’s laptop since my computer is crapping out.

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