Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

I Hear You Knocking

Another day another what? It’s Tuesday and the weather is spectacular. It’s March and it was 72 degrees when I had lunch. It was in the upper 50 degree range when I woke up this morning and it wasn’t easy getting out of bed. Some difficulty falling asleep last night you see.

Bill was up and out as I lay in bed, I have no idea what time that was. I lay sleeping with one hand hovering above the alarm clock, ready to strike when the alarm went off. I did get out of bed eventually and got myself together. Always a hard thing to do especially after having a day off that was as nice as it was yesterday.

I played guitar last night after being inspired by young Tim. The other day I was playing Black & Blue by the Rolling Stones. I don’t think I ever played it all the way through from start to finish, it really is a good record. So I spent some time figuring out how to play Hand of Fate. I think I got it.

I also tried to figure out how to play Outlaw Blues by Bob Dylan which I heard young Tim play yesterday, but by then it was too late, Bill came home and we were watching Game Change, the HBO movie about Sarah Palin and her candidacy with John McCain.

There are moments were she does come off as sympathetic. It certainly is not a hatchet job. Julianne Moore certainly looked like her, as did Ed Harris as McCain and Woody Harrelson was excellent as Steve Schmidt, McCain’s campaign manager. Of course it was all a fiasco and though that team lost, it wasn’t a happy ending since it was the rise of Sarah Palin that lent credence to the tea bagger movement.

I had some hesitation about going to work. Not depression, no apprehension, just a weird feeling overall. The uneventful bus ride thanks to Shirley the grumpy ass bus driver. I did see my second favorite bus driver the other night and he said he will be back on the route in April so I definitely look forward to that.

At the cigar shack it was Zack, Bradley, Jerry Vale and me. A decent team. Yesterday was Zack’s birthday and he’s sliding towards 40. I wished him a happy birthday yesterday via text and today I shook his hand. Apparently I had a few customers looking for me.

One of them, a renowned broadcaster sent his regards, another was calling in from Central NJ and another was in from DC and wanted to see me. I did what I could to fulfill their cigar needs and it was a pleasure to meet the guy from DC, someone I had only communicated with via email. A handsome chap in a very nice suit.

And it was such a nice day that I was able to have my lunch on a bench near the park. A brilliant afternoon was spent smoking a cigar and reading about Johnny Cash by Sylvie Simmons and Barney Hoskyns in the latest Mojo.

The afternoon went by with Bradley feeling a bit unwell. he left at 6:00, Zack left around 7:00 leaving Jerry Vale and myself to run things. It went well, Jerry Vale filling me in with regards to a run in with Thomas last week when I was out. Zack read the blog I wrote for the cigar shack and he really liked it and encouraged me to write some more. I have to admit I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t like it. Thomas read some of it, mainly the second entry and sniffed that some things should be taken out. I left them in and I seemed to have cut the mustard.

Now I am home, Bill fast asleep in bed. I was hoping to talk to him when I got home and I figure I could still do that, only he wouldn’t be paying much attention. C’est la vie.