Daily Archives: December 22, 2010

I Could Write a Book

Well, I was a bit unwell over the past 24 hours. It started at work, and I was OK most of the day, it was within the last 90 minutes or so that things took a turn for the worse. I started to feel really cold and I later found out that someone had set the thermostat to cooler.

That meant someone turned on the air conditioner. My bones ached and felt hollow. And I was quite hungry. I did eat some food but it didn’t do much, except keep me awake for a little while longer I guess. I knew I was in trouble though and felt it might be best to see if I can get Bill to rescue me.

I didn’t think I would be well enough for public transportation and if he were home, he might have access to a car. He was home and willing to get a car and pick me up. I was that bad. Everything turned out well when I closed the store that was one less stressful thing to worry about.

Bill parked the car on the corner and I hurried home, teeth chattering and extremely fatigued. I made it upstairs, Bill leading the way to make sure the heat was turned in when I came into the apartment. I sat in the bathroom and Bill put a thermometer in my mouth. I had a fever of over 100.

I went to bed, wearing a long sleeve t shirt, and track pants and I lay underneath a few blankets and a comforter. I fell into a deep sleep but kept waking up every now and then to change my shirts, since they’d become soaked with sweat.

I had a fever dream where I had to fly to London and fill out paperwork. I’ve never been to London. I’d like to go someday. I think I landed at Luton Airport and met up with a decent group of people who showed me around, as well as taking me to the movies.

I called the cigar shop in the dream and spoke with Sean who told me he was too busy with a customer to talk to me on the phone. Fever dreams are weird. I slept quite a bit in the last 24 hours, probably about 13 hours all together.

Whatever it was that got me has subsided and I will be going to work tomorrow. I shake a lot of hands at work and I also handle money and take mass transit, so any of those scenarios could have brought whatever virus it was to me. I will have to wash my hands more often.

I don’t recall any other time where a bug crept up on me and caused such havoc in such short time. Or a bug that made me sleep so long. It’s not like I’ve been out partying and drinking. Or being overworked, true the hours aren’t great at the cigar shop but still they’re not overwhelming.

Oddly enough I never really got sick when I was partying back in the day.

The thing was certainly just a bug that saw an opportunity and took it.