Daily Archives: January 12, 2009

Everything’s Alright

Well it’s Monday again. It was a pretty good weekend. Cigars and bourbon on Friday, Chaz’ party on Saturday and yesterday a whole lot of nothing. I only went out for a little while yesterday afternoon, a trip to CVS to pick up various items and that was it. That was all I wanted to do with the world.

Not because of anything in particular, just a low key day. I did watch the Golden Globes from start to finish. Good to see Bruce Springsteen win an award and giggling on stage. Tina Fey is great and won her well deserved awards.

I am itching to see Slumdog Millionaire and Bill wants to see The Wrestler so I guess that’s where we’ll be somewhere down the line. We usually get the ‘let’s go to the movies’ bug around this time of year. Hype from the award shows does the trick.

Bill has discount passes for the movies which would make it more enticing as well as affordable. He has to get the passes though. It’s convenient since the movie theaters are right by the bus terminal. NO movie theaters in Hoboken, yet.

At work last week Vivek mentioned how good Slumdog Millionaire was and today he said I should go to 28th and Lexington where I could by the DVD for $5.00. He also mentioned that it might not be released in India due to the fact that Indians don’t like to see themselves portrayed in such a bad light, what with the abject poverty and violence.

He also mentioned that Indians tend to be a bit straight laced, just look at the reaction they gave to Richard Gere kissing that Indian actress at a press conference.

Or maybe everyone just feels that way towards Richard Gere. I know I did about 10 years ago when he was online in front of me at Tower Records, snapping up the last Story of Jamaican Music boxed set. He was talking to a friend about ‘How much Cindy was going to like it’. That was when he was married to Cindy Crawford. Julio was there with me so if you don’t believe me you can ask him.

Today was just like any other Monday. Getting up was a chore though. Most Monday’s are. Nothing special to report, a few errands here and there, a salad for lunch. All very hum drum. I did run into Scott Harbison on the bus tonight. He got on in Hoboken two stops before I was getting off.

It was good to see him. He’s on the wagon and working with the Hoboken Leonard Cohen, Lew Carbone. I have a feeling Lew Carbone Googles his name so I intentionally misspelled his name to see how far he will search.

I call him the Hoboken Leonard Cohen since he’s an older gent, an artist and always has a beautiful woman nearby. I don’t think he’s a Lothario, just that he enjoys the company of good looking women, much like Leonard Cohen.

I don’t know Lew Carbone at all, just seen him around town for the past 20 years or so. I could be totally wrong, but I think my point of view is so much more interesting.

That’s what I should do, take people I don’t know, just know about and write totally false things about them. Like how Jerri Fallow is a licensed truck driver who killed a man in South Dakota and is wanted on several bench warrants.

She’s crazy that Jerri Fallow. It is said that the man she killed only offered her a sandwich which apparently drove her over the edge.

So sad. So damn sad.

on the other hand….