Daily Archives: January 10, 2009

The Charging Sky

Saturday, a day to sleep in, but for me it was the day that somebody was moving something in the neighborhood on a truck which made a loud enough sound to wake me up. That, and my cellphone ringing at 8:00. Still I didn’t get out of bed until 9:00.

I texted the parents on the third floor to see if they wanted bagels and Julio replied that they did. By the time I got back from the supermarket which was being depleted of supplies due to the oncoming snowstorm Julio and Stine were at the pediatrician’s office for Alexander’s monthly checkup. I left their bagels in a bag hanging on their doorknob as I went upstairs and made myself a hearty breakfast.

So far it’s been snowing on and off all day. I haven’t left the building since 10:00 this morning and I have no idea how much has fallen. It’s almost 6:00 now so I’m sure the local news would have some information on the snowfall.

Tonight is Chaz’ party for which I am meeting Bill at the Path train along with Rand and Lisa I think. Then it’s to Journal Square and a taxi to Charlton Ave. Hopefully we’ll get a taxi. Right now the ending of the PBS documentary on Pete Seeger is finishing up. I watched it the other day as well. It’s a lot better than the Isn’t David Foster Great show that was on endlessly last month.

I didn’t write about something that one of my sock puppets was involved with the other day. It seems that the sock puppet had been arguing online in You Tube with a homophobic troll. Actually the sock puppet was the troll since it was a video against same sex marriage.

For the past couple of months it went on, name calling, curses and disparaging remarks about parents. Finally it came to a head. My sock puppet told the other guy to show up at 50th st and Third Avenue so they could duke it out. The sock puppet said he would be wearing a black leather trench coat.

Where he was going to get that, I couldn’t tell you. I don’t have a black leather trench coat. Looks too much like a 1980’s coke dealer’s apparel.

At the appointed time I was out there and looked around. Didn’t see anyone except for a soldier dressed in fatigues. I went back to my desk after a few minutes and figured the guy didn’t show. Hours later when checking the sock puppet’s email, there was an email from the guy who the sock puppet was supposed to battle.

It turns out it WAS the soldier. He called the sock puppet a coward for not showing up, the sock puppet in turn posted a video showing that the sock puppet was there. A few hours later the sock puppet got another email from the soldier who was apologizing for being such a jerk.

He said he’s usually not like that and blamed it on post traumatic stress disorder, saying he’s done 2 tours in Iraq (where he said he enjoyed killing Hajis). He ended the email, wishing the sock puppet, peace be with you. The sock puppet instantly replied, ‘and also with you’ but it was too late, the soldier shut his own account down.

A day later another email from someone with a different name. It was the soldier saying that he shut down his account since he couldn’t believe how far his anger had taken him.

Once again he wished the sock puppet peace and hoped that the sock puppet and his partner, Anklet, have a happy life together. The sock puppet thanked him once again and suggested he get help for his PTSD