Daily Archives: July 11, 2008

Beware of Darkness

It’s finally Friday and we all give thanks for it. Who do we thank? I don’t know, I’ll just put it out there in the ever expanding universe. Not that the universe runs on an earthly calendar. Could be a Mayan calendar, but I doubt it.

In any event, it’s good to be home and resting. I just ordered Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros for my brother Brian’s birthday present.

Hopefully it will get to Hillsdale by Thursday and hopefully his son Brian won’t open the package thinking it’s a present for him. Little Brian’s gift is a gift card from Pac Sun, his sister Cassie got $2000000.00 and my niece Cory got $30000000.00 since she’s an adult and could use the money for gas or whatever. I just hope they don’t cash the checks.

Brian’s oldest daughter, Hillary has her birthday at the end of July which gives me some breathing space. The four birthdays in the middle of the month lightens my wallet somewhat. I’m glad the rest of the birthdays are spread out through the year.

Today was a bit of a purple nurple. Slept well, Bill was off to work, kissing me goodbye as I said hello. I got motivated and did my thing and was out of the apartment before 7:00 since I don’t like the morning show team on TV. They changed some anchors and they didn’t ask me.

I rode the bus, reading about the saber rattling towards Iran. Man this country is in a mess thanks to that buffoon on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The headphones I bought a few weeks ago are shot, or at least on their last legs. Made listening to David Bowie a little bit difficult but I managed. Work was quiet since it was a Friday. Most of the major players were out, still some were in.

I entertained the idea of leaving early today, like around 3:00 but having only worked four days this week, it didn’t seem likely. Last week I dropped off my eyeglasses that I got in November, broken arm on the frame. Evan who seems to like me a lot said he would have them fixed.

Today they came in and I went across the street to pick them up. They looked brand new as Evan cleaned off the lenses, mentioning that the lenses are no longer a problem. They were not fully in the frame the whole time I had them and I thought thats how they were supposed to be.

I walked out of the store, into the sunlight wearing my like new specs. I came to the office and they seemed a bit dirty so I cleaned them. Still dirty. Cleaned them again and I noticed they seemed stained. I went back across the street, the lenses were dislodged again.

I spoke to Evan who said he’d order me new lenses. I was frustrated and called my insurance company to find out when I would be able to get a new set of lenses. That wouldn’t be until November, at least the getting the prescription, and actually getting a new set of glasses wouldn’t be done until January.

Since I had the insurance company on the phone I asked how my appeal for my dental work was going. I resubmitted my claim in June. They told me once again that since I had two procedures done on the same day my claim was rejected.

I resubmitted with a letter from my dentist while explaining that while I maybe out of the network I was saving them and myself money. I got a letter from the insurance company today telling me I have to submit my periodontal chart as well as the x-rays.

I have to do this myself, the dental school doesn’t do paperwork. So I have to make arrangements to go to the dental school and pick up these items next week.

I didn’t leave the office until after 4:30 this afternoon. I had my Padron and walked across town, not staying around for Manhattan-henge. That’s when the sun is in a perfect position as it sets and all the cross streets in the grid of Manhattan are illuminated with sunlight.

I came home on a crowded bus, trying to read Tweak while next to me a woman standing up, her purse kept landing on top of my book, making it difficult to turn the page. She of course was oblivious. I came home and decided to have hot dogs for dinner.

Then I realized I let Bill finish off the bread leaving me without bread. Out to the supermarket where I ran into Stine and Alexander, making the end of my day so much better than the day that came before it.

Here’s some snaps

The Kiss Army at 7:30 waiting for Gene Simmons to show up at 12:30.

The shin

My building reflected