Daily Archives: July 6, 2008


Well I just got back from Xanadu and yes it was a lot of fun. So silly, great songs, so tongue in cheek and a classic send up of a crap movie, which was acknowledged in the play. Bill and I tried to watch the original movie from 1980 but couldn’t get past the first 10 minutes. Perhaps we can watch it later.

It’s a nice, funny musical for families as well as the large percentage of gay men in the audience. And a mention that most of the jokes would only be understood by gay men in their 40’s which of course is our demographic.

As well as the demographic of the contingent of bears seated right behind us on the stage. I got on stage tickets, in my usual fashion of not doing things the ordinary way, I do extra ordinary mostly. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. This afternoon it worked out perfectly.

I got to the theater after an average Sunday morning of bagels and newspapers. Last night was quiet. Juan was supposed to come over at 10:30 to hang, but didn’t call until 11:30 and by that time I was headed to sleep. I wanted to be rested and fully aware for the show, so it’s just as well that Juan didn’t come over.

I watched a travel documentary on The New Europe, with Michael Palin, meaning Michael Palin was on the dvd, not on the couch watching the documentary with me. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the dvd making it unwatchable. I watched the third episode of the season from Weeds but distracted by the internet.

I watched some of Grindhouse which was good but bad. Tarantino and Rodriquez went out of their way to make the movie look like it was showing on 42nd street in the 1970’s. Scratches on the print, bad editing, skipped frames.

I only watched part of Planet Terror and Rose McGowan was good but Freddy Rodriquez was excellent. Never saw him act like that before. I found it sexy. Woof. Really ferocious zombies.

But it was late and I needed to sleep and so I did. Texted Julio again and got no response. He claimed he hadn’t gotten any texts from me, and that Stine checked the door to see if there were bagels awaiting.

I told him I thought Stine was pissed with me because of the photos and told Julio that. He called me paranoid and I sort of agreed with him, but decided to go with the more fanciful term, ‘writer’s imagination’.

I hopped on a bus around 1:30, anticipating the traffic that I had in June when I went to a Sunday matinée of Sunday in the Park with George with the Field of Gar contingent. But it was smooth sailing. I got to the theater 20 minutes early but I didn’t mind.

I saw Tony Roberts show up. He went unnoticed by the crowd as he walked through the stage door. Bill then showed up early, looking handsome and crisp and his usual effervescent self which is a nearly perfect compliment to my snarky ennui.

I told Bill about Tony Roberts and Bill remembers him from The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, I mainly remember him from Woody Allen movies. I’m sure we’ve seen him in other things, but nothing comes to mind.

It was great watching the show on stage, though you can’t see what’s going on since the cast is playing to the house and we seated behind the action. And there’s a lot of action and dancing. Very flirty cast, Bill had his chest rubbed by someone’s hands and then had a paint roller applied to his scalp.

He of course, loved it. No playbills until after the show and cellphones off of course, but some people still have to be reminded. We were given glow sticks to wave at the end of the show for the big number and we were also encouraged to dance which didn’t take much encouragement.

We danced as if no one was looking, in front of a full house.

After that, a pleasant stroll through midtown to the Path, me smoking a Padron and dropping off the damaged Netflix dvd at the big ass Post Office. Though my ass isn’t that big, they took my mail anyhow.

Last night’s moon

The view from where we sat, after the show

Outside the theater, taken by a stranger.

Big computer screen outside bus terminal needs reseting.
The giant Ctrl/Alt/Delete keys are just out of frame.

And now, the Larch.