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I Love You (Prelude To A Tragedy)

Saturday in Hoboken. Not much going on again. Summer weekend, plenty of parking. Been a slow kind of day, out and about. Phones not exactly ringing off the hook. Last night was alright, didn’t do much. I thought about walking through the feast but since everything was mostly damp decided to stay in and watch the DVD of George Harrison Living in the Material World. Bill came home after doing his stage manager gig and had his nose in his laptop editing over 100 photographs of the cast and crew of the latest production he is currently working on in Manhattan.

No bus driving for him for the next month, since this production is part of the Fringe Festival. Bill stayed up later than I did last night and slept better than I did since I had some difficulty staying asleep. The air conditioner was off most of the night and the window was open a bit so perhaps it was people going home and being loud on their way. Despite living on the fifth floor, the street is so quiet that I can hear most conversations as people stroll past my building. I suppose I did the same thing back in the day.

Since nothing else happened today, let’s look back at July 21 over the past few years shall we?

July 21, 2011- A Thursday, Working at the cigar shack with Jerry Vale and a hung over possum. The possum was somewhat humorous and Jerry Vale being new at that time made some mistakes I had to correct. Jerry Vale and I did not really get along on this day. Another hot day.

July 21, 2010- A Wednesday, Annemarie flew back to California that morning. Another cigar shack day. I spent the day working with Calvin, before I changed his name to Zack. Exactly! I also noticed I was losing weight. Shirts that were once tight around the neck were no longer so tight. Bill was watching Lawn Hors d’œuvre and dealing with a bottle of liquid soap that opened in his bag. A hot day again. It’s July after all.

July 21, 2009- A Tuesday and unemployed. Déjà vu! Watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann without Keith Olbermann. Still feeling the good vibes from seeing Macca at CitiField the week before. Bill’s hamstring was messed up and it was raining.

July 21, 2008- A Monday and a heatwave. Watching In His Life: the John Lennon Story, a drama about Lennon’s early years. Also watched Generation Kill which I have no recollection of. I wrote about my dear friend Miriam and working at Skyline Studios while being immersed in reggae thanks to Miriam and Marcus and assorted Rastafarians we were friends with.

July 21, 2007- A Saturday. The night before spent with Bill singing the National Anthem before the NY Liberty basketball game at Madison Square Garden. Bill sang phenomenally and looked fantastic as the NY Liberty lost the game. I even quoted a Laurie Anderson bit. I saw good old Roger Johansen and congratulated him on his July 7 wedding.

July 21, 2006- A Friday and working at McMann and Tate, unhappy enough that I went on an interview near Wanker Banker. I could have gotten the job but they would not cover Bill under the benefits. My network card was on the fritz and Rand was in San Diego so I didn’t have any immediate solution. I’m pretty sure that I wrote the entry on Bill’s mac. And Juan was worried that there was no entry, so worried that he had to check in before he went to bed that night.

That’s it. Let’s face July 21 is a boring day no matter the year. Unless Bill is singing the National Anthem.

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