Daily Archives: May 25, 2007

Staying Alive

Friday. Took the day off. Last night hung out with Bill and Juan again, and we watched Four Brothers, by John Singleton. Just about everything about the movie was a film cliché. Easy to figure out who was going to get killed. It was the youngest brother. The gay one. Might as well have been wearing a red shirt ala Star Trek. It was ok though I only wanted to watch a little bit before something else, but Bill came home then Juan came over and they were both more into it than I was. Juan was good to say snarky comments with.

Then we watched a repeat of the Office, the Beach episode. Very good, followed by Scrubs, and you know how I feel about Scrubs. I was tired before Bill cam home and Juan came over, but a few glasses of California Chardonnay took care of that. Bill went to sleep a little before 11:00 and Juan left at 11:30. I had a good night’s sleep, thanks to the wine. Woke up at 6:00, without an alarm clock which sucked since I had the day off, but wound up going back to sleep after Bill kissed me good bye and he went off to work.

I showered, made some coffee and soon I was headed to Washington Street to get a bagel and the papers. The sun was damn hot at 8:30 and I could feel my skin being seared. Got a cinnamon raisin bagel and got the News and the Post and headed home. I decided to go to Radio Shack to get a small cheap speaker for mu iPod, thinking that it would be good for brother Frank to hear some music that he’s familiar with. After doing that it was all about standing in the heat watching every bus but mine go by.

I called up Bill and once again vented my frustration at NJ Transit. He listened and admirably played the role of customer service which was actually better than the real thing. He listened and looked up various other schedules, but the bus I needed pulled up. Luckily for me the driver was nice and dropped me off a block earlier which enable me to walk up the hill to Weehawken just as the 163 to Hackensack was pulling up. That’s karma in action I guess. The Karma Bank. Where it pays to be good.

I got to the hospital and Frank was sleeping in bed. That was fine, I just sit there and read the paper for a few minutes when he woke up. He was looking better than Monday for sure. I hooked up the tiny speaker and played an instrumental version of Darlin’ by the Beach Boys which through him for a second, but I think he enjoyed it since it was the first time in days that he actually heard some music. I enjoyed being the DJ for my brother. I’m glad I downloaded that song by Royksopp, Remind Me. It turns out he likes it and didn’t know that I had burned it for him on one of the discs I sent him last week.

90 degrees today.